April 26, 2022

Charles Coulombe on Monarchy & Catholicism + Charles Coulombe On The War Against Russia

"Vicars of Christ: A History of the Popes" By Charles Coulombe (2003).


Roy-Charles A. Coulombe KCSS (born November 8, 1960), known as Charles Coulombe, is an American Catholic author, historian, and lecturer. Coulombe is known for his advocacy of monarchism.

Coulombe was commended by Pope John Paul II for his book Vicars of Christ: A History of the Popes, and by order of John Paul II, Coulombe was created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Sylvester for his services rendered to the Holy See. He has later on also provided narration for ABC News, Fox News, and for the BBC during the funeral of John Paul II and the election and installation of Pope Benedict XVI. Coulombe had also been awarded the Christian Law Institute's Christ King Journalism Award in 1992.

As of June 2021, he studied at the International Theological Institute in Austria.

Video Title: Charles Coulombe on Monarchy & Catholicism. Source: MonarchistLeagueLA. Date Published: April 29, 2011. Description:

Noted author, historian, and monarchist Charles A. Coulombe discusses Monarchy from a religious perspective in this excerpt from a 2011 interview with journalist Stephen Heiner of True Restoration Press.

Mr. Coulombe is the Western U.S. Delegate of the Grand Council of the International Monarchist League. He is also the Roy Green Scholar-in-Residence of the Monarchist League's Los Angeles Chapter. 

Video Title: Charles Coulombe Interview. Source: Frankly Speaking. Date Published: February 24, 2022. Description:
Frank and Julien have the great honor of talking politics, faith and history with Historian Charles Coulombe.