March 26, 2022

The War In Ukraine: The Russian Perspectives


Putin is cleaning up Lenin's mess. 

What is Ukraine, really?

Ukraine is a scab on the Russian body that Washington has picked at for many years with the aim of damaging Russia.

The idiots who run Ukraine are living on borrowed time. They allowed their country to serve as a battering ram. They didn't build anything in the last three decades. They just stole and stole, worse than the Afghan elites.

At least Afghanistan's politicians and warlords had the excuse that they were in charge of a poor and impoverished country suffering decades of war. What reason did the Ukrainian political class have when they looted from their nation? 

Ukraine was set up for success after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And they wasted their opportunity. If they were smart they would've kicked out the U.S. NGOs and NATO advisors years ago.

Video Title: The War In Ukraine: The Russian Perspectives. Source: Vladimir Brovkin. Date Published: March 26, 2022. Description: 

This video is devoted to the Perspectives on the war in Ukraine by Russians, those in Donbas, those who support Putin and those who criticize him and his policy. I also put the current events in the historical perspective trying to explain how President Putin and those who support him perceive the events that led to the current war in Ukraine. Obviously, this perspective differs from the way the war and its causes have been presented in the mainstream media. One does not have to agree with this view but one should better know it. 

Dr Brovkin is an American historian, now retired, born in the Soviet Union, author of many books on Russian history and politics, served in the 1990s as Associate Professor of Soviet History at Harvard University. His books are available on Amazon, among them Russia After Lenin.