February 25, 2022

Wagging The Underdog: Washington's Cynical Ukraine Policy

The underdog is not always in the right. Sometimes, the guy with the bigger gun has a point. And that happens to be true in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Ukraine has legitimate historical grievances against Russia, particularly when it was under the rule of the Tsars. Ukrainians were not treated fairly. For example, their language was banned. Russia deliberately populated its eastern areas witn Russians to consolidate control and maintain a human bridge to Crimea.

But that's the past. And the past should stay buried. If everyone dug up grievances against their neighbours then we would all be at each other's necks all the time.

The Ukrainian state has to understand its importance in the balance of power in Europe and avoid joining any side. It was unwise to alienate Russia and seek entry into NATO. 

As a historical buffer state with tremendous potential it should be one of the richest countries in Europe, especially since the end of the Cold War brought historical opportunities for economic growth. 

But political corruption and irrational hatred for Russia has kept it mired in a state of poverty and underdevelopment. 

And in the last decade it pissed away the peace that the collapse of the Soviet Union created by listening to Washington.

Looking West to solve its problems was a foolish idea. It was not long ago when successive German leaders invaded it to solidify their empire. 

As an object of geopolitical desire, Ukraine has always been in the sights of its larger neighbours to the west and east.

In the last century it survived numerous invasions, world wars, Soviet famines, revolutions, and state collapse, but will Washington’s 21st century shenanigans ultimately bring it down?

Ukrainian leaders have to wake up and realize that better ties with Russia is necessary for their survival. They have to come to terms with their past and repair their most important geopolitical and strategic relationship. 

And they also have to accept that modern Ukraine is not theirs alone, that it is a communist monstrosity, made up of pieces of other countries, including Russia, and that they have a responsibility to ensure European security.