December 18, 2021

When Cowards Go To War: The America, Iran, And Israel Story

The breakdown of U.S-Iran nuclear talks, precipitated by Trump's withdrawal from the former deal, has generated fear of an Iranian nuclear bomb and/or a new Middle East war. 

But neither outcome is likely to happen. 

A nuke doesn't serve Iran's national security interests and a new war doesn't serve America's interests. 

During their four-decades long hostilities, America, its ally Israel, and Iran have avoided direct warfare with each other. They have fought not like lions but snakes, using cyber attacks, assassinations, sanctions, and regional proxies. 

While the Americans and Israelis groomed ISIS and other Sunni fundamentalists, Iran sponsored Hezbollah and other Shi'a militants. Together, they have spread terrorism and increased the oppression of religious and ethnic minorities throughout the region.

Their irrational rivalry has created a regional climate of tension that has been given no release because they are too cowardly to fight a direct war and resolve their differences once and for all.

The millions dead and displaced as a result of their geopolitical jockeying in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and elsewhere can't go to trial and name the killers responsible. The U.N. is a useless forum. No justice is coming their way.

America and Israel believe they exist above the community of nations, answerable to no one, while Iran's Islamic leaders pretend to speak for God. This is biblical megalomania across the board.

The victims of the American/Israeli-Iranian war have included minorities like Ezidis, Christians, and Armenians. Both sides would sacrifice every minority in the Middle East if it meant they could gain geopolitically. 

Under the armor of God and democracy, America, Israel, and Iran have destroyed the Middle East. The famines in Yemen, Syria, and Afghanistan are the outward signs of this destruction. 

To those who say Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan are also responsible, they all fall within the American umbrella and so America is ultimately responsible for their actions. 

America has chosen Pakistan and the Taliban over Afghanistan, just as it has chosen Turkey over the Ezidis, Kurds, and Armenians, and Saudi royals over Yemen.

The Saudis, Turks, and Pakistanis have faced zero punishment for taking part in the destruction of Yemen, Syria, Armenia, and Afghanistan. They are given ample support by the Americans and Israelis to continue their barbarity and crimes against humanity.

And just like their sponsors they have all committed their crimes in a cowardly fashion. They attack civilians with drones, target civilian infrastructure, and utilize drugged up terrorists who rape and kill with no remorse.

There is no doubt that the Middle East is a sea of cowards.

America’s cowardice politically is well known. Israel's cowardice is on the field of battle. But the Islamic Republic of Iran has acted the most cowardly amongst the three of them. 

Its top generals and scientists have been assassinated by the Americans and Israelis, and yet they have not killed any top American or Israeli leader in response. 

Instead, they react by arming proxies and encourage attacks on weak U.S. allies in the region like the stupid crooks in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Iraq's Kurdistan.

If war actually breaks out between the three cowards, the region will be the biggest loser. Minorities will be slaughtered, and innocent civilians will endure the greatest suffering.

The best outcome of such a war would be the dissolution and destruction of the regimes in America, Israel, and Iran. 

Since all they've done is bring war, terror, and mayhem to the Middle East they deserve to be destroyed.