October 16, 2016

Channel 4 visits Mosul and the Yazidis in 2003 (ITN Archive)

Two years ago the evil U.S. and its worthless allies in Iraq surrendered and handed Mosul to ISIS, putting at risk the lives of hundreds of thousands, including members of the Ezidi minority who had to be saved by the PKK.

Below is a video report in Mosul in 2003. When the U.S.-Saudi-Turkish-Israeli-KRG-Qatari-British sponsored ISIS terrorists took the city over a decade later all they had to do was walk in.

Watching this clip now it's funny that the only thing on the clueless reporter's mind was the name of CIA patsy Bin Laden, as if he really mattered.

Now the new name to fear is Baghdadi. And aside from his propaganda value as the face of ISIS, he has proven to be just as irrelevant and inconsequential in the fraudulent war on terror as Bin Laden was. Some things never change.

Video Title: Channel 4 visits Mosul and the Yazidis in 2003 (ITN Archive). Source: outis999. Date Published: August 16, 2014. Description:
International Editor Lindsey Hilsum meets Yazidis in 2003.