September 6, 2016

The PKK Fighters Are Not Terrorists

When Erdogan's Turkey was aiding ISIS in broad daylight, and U.S. allies in Iraq were fleeing from them in civilian clothes for either corrupt or Machiavellian reasons, only one army stepped in to save a captive, defenseless, and vulnerable population from the bloodthirsty terrorist group: the PKK.

And yet this group is still classified as a terrorist group by hypocritical Western governments.

America and the West would rather ally themselves with Muslim Brotherhood dictators, greedy tribal kingpins, arrogant Shiite mullahs, criminal oil-rich kings, and the rapists and head choppers of ISIS than a revolutionary leftist progressive group filled with women and whose thinking as of late has been influenced by a 20th century American anarchist.

Where is the logic behind their stance? The menace of the Soviet Union is gone. So why the hesitation to politically, militarily, and diplomatically support an insurgency group that happens to be liberal with a communist past?

All groups and nations evolve so it doesn't make sense to refuse support for the PKK because of its political origins. The group's political thinking has matured and developed in recent years. We have to judge any group or person by their recent actions and statements.

But America and the West have no reservations when it comes to supporting the religious beheaders of the Muslim world. They even bragged about their support for the bloodthirsty zealots, casting them as the holy warriors of God.

Creating one generation of Taliban was bad enough. Why repeat that mistake?

An excerpt from, "ISIS' Toughest Enemy Should Be Taken Off America's Terrorist List" By Malcolm Harris, New Republic, June 18, 2015:
Perhaps America would be more eager to cozy up to the YPG if Ocalan and the Kurdish freedom movement were a little less radically imaginative. In Northern Iraq, the Kurdistan Democratic Party is a close U.S. ally, even though it’s headed by a wealthy accused oil-smuggler who inherited the party leader job directly from his father. If America wants a predictable Middle East, then the democratic confederalists who call for “divorce from the five thousand years old culture of male domination” and the abolition of class society may not be the best bet. Their ideology is too progressive for the American mainstream to contemplate seriously, even as it plays a major role in contemporary geopolitics.

As ISIS has expanded their self-declared caliphate, they have run head-on into the Kurdish democratic confederalist project. The PYD and the YPG control a region of Syria called Rojava, and it’s smack dab in the way of the Islamic State’s expansionist plans. Most observers, including the Pentagon, expected the Kurds and their Soviet weapons to fold when ISIS besieged Kobane. But against all odds, the highly disciplined protection forces drove the invaders from the town, and now the YPG is pushing hard into ISIS territory. After the fall of Tal Abyad, the United States must concede that the YPG is an important actor in the region, and a much tougher one than America’s official proxies in the Iraqi Army, which even President Obama says has an issue with “the will to fight.”
An excerpt from, "Yazidi women respond to Massoud Barzani over PKK, Sinjar comments" Ekurd Daily, May 15, 2016:
Regarding the policies pursued on the Yazidi community, Naem underlined that Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP and Barzani’s goal was to evacuate the Yazidis from Sinjar lands, adding; “Thousands of Yazidis died and many others were forced to migrate to Europe, a quarter of whom drowned in the sea on their way. The rest is holding on to life in these mountains and Barzani now wants to make them confront each other. The whole world should know that they will not manage to create a conflict among the Yazidis. While 13 thousand peshmergas fled Sinjar, PKK came to our help here. They liberated our lands with the blood of martyrs and nobody can tell them to leave now.”

Calling attention to Barzani’s secret alliances with Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan, Naem said; “Barzani is holding secret meetings with Erdoğan who later bomb innocent people and shell the towns with tanks. They are the IS itself.”
Video Title: Yazidi women seek justice in northern Iraq. Source: Maclean's Magazine. Date Published: August 30, 2016. Description:
The Yazidis lived peacefully in northern Iraq. Then Islamic State arrived. Watch the victims of the region's worst atrocities tell their stories.

Video Title: Yazidi Iraqi MP: We Will Not Return to Sinjar until the Law Deals with Those who Helped ISIS. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: September 5, 2016. Description:
Yazidi Iraqi MP Vian Dakhil.
In an Iraqi TV interview, Yazidi MP Vian Dakhil defended an earlier statement that Yazidis would not return to Sinjar as they had lost their trust in their neighbors. "Of course there is a lack of trust," she said, adding that when ISIS entered Sinjar, the "tens of thousands [who] flocked to support them" were neighbors, whom we considered closer than brothers. Speaking on Dijlah TV on August 30, Dakhil said that she wanted the government to know that the Yazidis "would not return [to Sinjar] if things remain as they are today."

Video Title: Sniper shootout: US Marine in the ranks of Ezidi force vs ISIS. Source: ÊzîdîPress. Date Published: August 20, 2016. Description: 
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Sniper shootout between an US Marine in the ranks of Ezidi Protection Force of Ezidkhan (HPÊ) and an ISIS sniper in Shingal on 17th August