August 23, 2016

Vladimir Zhirinovsky about Middle East and Europe (English subs)

"Why first immigrants appeared in Europe? It happened right after the war, 1950s. They were called simply 'foreign workers.' First of all, Germany called them. The principle is simple: Germans do not want to do the dirty work. And of course a huge number of vacancies appeared. Cleaning the streets, houses, sweeping, . . . Well, all the dirty work, in all spheres. So, first, they called 200,000. They called Turks, not internationalists. And in these 50-60 years it already turned into 2 million. Because they are creating families. More and more of them.

Then they called for more. Then their demographers said that their population is getting older, European families do not have almost any children, no population growth. So they kind of wanted to get an additional source for demographic processes.

But those who went there of the new generations, this is what they have miscalculated. That generation of the middle 20th century - it was calm. Now a different generation came. In the conditions of renaissance of Islamic religion. In the conditions of very clear ideological influence. 

Remember how Marxism was spreading. Small, small cells in different countries. Then - communist parties. Then - communist internationalists. Then - large party in the Soviet Union. Then - almost in the whole world many communist parties. So, today, Islamic internationalists are going the same way. First, harmless communities - Islamic brothers. Almost like Marxists: all workers are brothers. And, here, everyone with the same religion are brothers. 'We are brothers because we are Muslims.'

Then - war in Afghanistan, when they already created Taliban. In translation it means students. So instead of translating we are taking foreign terms. What is Taliban? Sounds like something horrifying. It is students. In Paris students overthrew De Gaulle. And here - students of Afghanistan. But they are an Afghan phenomenon.

But based on Muslim Brotherhood they created 'Al-Qaeda.' Again, we should have translated it - net. The exact same Muslim Brotherhood but in the whole Arab world, in the whole Muslim world. That is cells, party cells. But in this case, religious cells.

But this is happening gradually. First, small communities, then netting, and now - a country. It is a natural process. Why wouldn't they have their own country? And they are creating it. And any country is born in suffering, blood. A war is needed. Revolution. That's why the first brick of this country became the defeat of Iraq." -  Vladimir Zhirinovsky [2:30 - 5:36].

Video Title: Vladimir Zhirinovsky about Middle East and Europe (English subs). Source: Zahinho. Date Published: April 14, 2016. Description: 
In this speech, Zhirinovsky speaks about current situation and relations between Middle East and Europe.

Speech in Duma on: 23/03/2016