August 21, 2016

Turkey Further Descends Into ISIS's Playground After An Attack On A Kurdish Wedding Leaves 50 Dead

Turkey, like Pakistan, is another Islamic nation that feels it can use terrorist groups like ISIS to punish domestic critics and minority groups seeking their rights without facing any diplomatic cost on the world stage.

Both the Islamic world and the Western world condone the behaviour of both regimes. Both countries are major NATO partners, with Ankara listed as an official ally, and both are also members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Neither NATO nor the OIC care about the fact they use terrorism as a political instrument for domestic and foreign policy purposes.

Since they have gotten away with using terrorism against their citizens what is to stop them from continuing their immoral policies?

The recent state-sponsored attacks on opposition parliamentarians, lawyers, and activists in Balochistan and Kurdistan can't be swept aside as simply acts of terror by non-state actors like ISIS and the Taliban.

It is increasingly becoming clear even to the braindead that without state support groups like ISIS wouldn't be able to exist and function.

If things continue on like this, with ISIS and the Taliban having free reign to attack enemies of the state under the supervision of Turkish and Pakistani politicians, then the disintegration of both countries grows more likely.

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