August 9, 2016

The Gutless Pakistani Army Slaughtered Baluchistan's Top Lawyers And Blamed It On Patsy Jihadists

An excerpt from, "An entire generation of a city’s lawyers was killed in Pakistan" By Max Bearak, Washington Post, August 9, 2016:
The global response has been muted. Ban Ki-moon, Hillary Clinton and other international figures issued brief statements. Pakistan's leaders did much the same. No officials have been held responsible for the security breakdown at what should have been a highly guarded scene. The website of Dawn, a Pakistani English-language newspaper, had only a day-old story and photo gallery about the attack on its homepage on Tuesday evening.

Barkhurdar Khan, a member of the Baluchistan Bar Council, was one of the few lawyers who survived the attack. He has practiced in Quetta for nine months. After the attack, Khan offered his singular perspective in a heartrending stream of posts on social media.

"All, I repeat ALL senior practicing lawyers and barristers died today," he wrote. "The number of junior lawyers, who are the sole breadwinners of their homes and who are now unemployed runs into hundreds."
An excerpt from, "As Quetta burned, Pakistan army played golf" By Gaurav C Sawant, Daily O, August 8, 2016:
"Social media users in Pakistan were aghast that on a day when almost 100 people had been killed in one of the worst terror attacks in Pakistan, its military brass far detached from ground realities was playing golf. "Sharam haya?" (Have you no shame?), read a Twitter link by foodie and photographer Saadia Bukhari in response to the ISPR tweet on golf."