August 16, 2016

Sara Flounders on the 4th Hospital hit in Yemen

An excerpt from, "Five reasons why Yemen matters now more than ever" By Jacqueline Lopour,, May 5, 2016:
The journey from the Horn of Africa to Europe is dangerous but well-traveled. Migrants must first make their way over 1,500 kilometres to Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. There, they link up with traffickers, pack into overcrowded trucks, and make the multi-day journey across the scorching Sahara desert into Libya. In war-torn Libya, migrants and refugees can sometimes wait for months until they secure passage across the Mediterranean on rickety, overloaded boats. This migration path, the Central Mediterranean Route, is the deadliest sea route across the Mediterranean and has claimed thousands of lives.

Despite these perils, hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees have already travelled this path from Africa to Europe. New refugees from Yemen are increasingly interested in these smuggling routes and are researching asylum procedures in Europe. Migration experts warn that once success stories start trickling back home, the floodgates could open. Many countries are already overwhelmed, and another mass influx of asylum seekers could push anti-refugee tensions in Europe to a breaking point. 
Video Title: Sara Flounders on the 4th Hospital hit in Yemen. Source: Realenlighten. Date Published: August 15, 2016. Description: 
Saudi Arabia Airstrikes hts the 4th hospital in Yemen