August 2, 2016

Egyptian author: "Islam in Its Present Form Is a Threat to the World"

It is not guaranteed that Trump will go after ISIS if he becomes President, but it is guaranteed that Clinton will continue U.S. support for ISIS if she comes President.

We're living in strange times. In the New York Times, BBC, Reuters, and Washington Post the criminal deeds of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups are defended and praised while in Arabic news publications in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt they are denounced.

Then again the times are not so strange because the U.S. and Western media has been pro-Jihad and pro-terrorism for several decades now. Since the end of WWII and even earlier Western leaders have supported the forces of Islamic fundamentalism, befriended conservative clerics, bankrolled the ideological mobilization of youth in Muslim countries, and funded Jihadist terrorism.

There would be no ISIS or Al-Qaeda without Western intervention, and that includes the covert policies of the government of Israel.

Video Title: Egyptian author: "Islam in Its Present Form Is a Threat to the World". Source: MEMRITV. Date Published: July 31, 2016. Description: 
Egyptian author Sayyid Al-Qemany: Islam in Its Present Form Is a Threat to the World, All Scorpions Sting

Egyptian author Sayyid Al-Qemany, speaking at the first convention of the Adhoc organization, a London-based "secularist, modernist, pluralist" international NGO, warned about the dangers of Islamic fundamentalism, saying: "Any Muslim who believes that his religion is suited to all times and places is a terrorist by definition." Al-Qemany said that "all scorpions sting" and that the only difference is that some have not yet had the chance to perform "the best act that brings you close to Allah" by carrying out the duty of Jihad. The convention, titled "The Roots and Causes of Islamic Violence," was held in Brussels on May 22, and Al-Qemany's address was posted on the YouTube account of the "I Think" Magazine.

May 22, 2016.
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