August 24, 2016

Assad Chips Away At His Own Regime's Sovereignty By Inviting Erdogan To Attack The Kurds In The North

Assad is projecting weakness by teaming up with the benefactor of ISIS, the guy who kept sending the liver eaters and head-choppers his way for half a decade to bring him down.

Entire towns in Syria were looted by the Turks. Factories stolen. Antiquities and artifacts were taken out of the country to America and Europe via Turkey. ISIS ravaged half of Syria under Turkish protection.

But all is forgiven in the mind of Assad. What a Christ like figure.

It seems the hatred and fear of Kurds trumps all in Middle East politics.

What is the red line for Turkish intervention in Syria? What's to stop Erdogan from invading all of Syria and go even further south under the banner of Islam and the flag of ISIS? Maybe Turkey will head all the way to Damascus, and restore the Ottoman empire. Why not?

Who is going to stop them? The Americans who change allies like Hillary changes diapers? The Europeans who bend over for Erdogan every time he calls for it? The Russians and Iranians who think propping up a dictator is a good policy while alienating the new generation of radicalized Sunnis?

And the sad thing about it all is that the Arabs have invited the Ottomans back in because they don't want the Kurds to rule over a little piece of territory. What stupidity.

An excerpt from, "'Assad the Enemy' to 'Assad the Brother': Ankara Prepares Shift in Strategy" Sputnik News, July 4, 2016:
Whether or not secret Turkish-Syrian negotiations are underway, it remains unclear how exactly the Syrian government and ordinary Syrians are expected to accept a rapprochement with Ankara, in light of its brazen support for the militant groups which have terrorized the country for over five years.