July 22, 2016

"Worse Than ISIS"

The imbeciles who make up the Syrian opposition movement are too busy currying favour with the CIA, Pentagon, Israeli generals, Turkish spies, Qatari businessmen, and Saudi royals to think about the really important factor in this war: the diverse peoples of Syria.

The U.S., France, England, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Israel, and Jordan are backing Islamist groups in Syria who themselves say that they are "worse than ISIS."

The group who beheaded the Palestinian child was even supplied with TOW missiles by the CIA. The evil scumbags have no morals, no honour, and no code. They and their backers exude weakness.

Angry Arab - US-backed moderate rebels admit they are worse than ISIS:
From Amir: "12-year-old Abdallah Issa, a Palestinian refugee kidnapped by US-backed moderate rebels begs them not to slaughter him. US-backed rebels laugh and tell the child, they are even worse than ISIS"

"The Islamist thugs are seen giggling, making fun of the child, taking selfies, and of course shouting Allahu-akbar. When ironically asked about his final wish, the young victim asked to be shot, and not slaughtered. Their shocking answer? “We are even worse than ISIS” "
Angry Arab - Anne Barnard and Liz Sly and the beheading of a child by a moderate Syrian rebel group:
Both Anne Barnard and Liz Sly report on rumors, innuendos, skips, tweets, and often falsehoods if they happen to serve the interests of their beloved Syrian rebels. But the story of the beheading of a child by a "moderate" Syrian rebel group didn't warrant from them a word. It just did not fit to print, I guess. The story, by the way, have occupied Arab social media (of all sides) for days now.