July 14, 2016

The Apocalyptic Interpretation of History in Joachim of Fiore and Ibn ‘Arabi

"Of importance is the fact that Joachim himself was never condemned as a heretic by the Church; rather, the ideas and movement surrounding him were condemned. Joachim the man was held in high regard during his lifetime." (Wikipedia).

An excerpt from, "ISIS real name revealed: Expert explains apocalyptic word that's drawing Muslims to terror group's cause" By Hazel Torres, Christian Today, July 13, 2016:
"Just as in Christian eschatology, the talks of a final period of tribulation or judgment day and a series of battles between the believers and non-believers, Islam has the same," Gorka said. 
"Everybody will be resurrected and judged by Allah at the End Times. But prior to that judgment, there will be a series of battles in al-Sham. The pivotal jihad, the last jihad, will occur in this territory," he explained.

Gorka said this is the reason why the jihadist group has been successful in recruiting Muslims from all over the world to come and fight in Iraq and Syria and to carry out terrorist attacks in their own lands. 
He said when ISIS announces to the Muslim world, "We are the Islamic State of al-Sham," the group is sending a simple message: "Have you ever wanted to be a jihadi? Have you toyed with the idea of salvation? Guess what? Look where we are — on the site of the final jihad. If you don't come now, you are going to miss guaranteed salvation," Gorka said.
Video Title: The Apocalyptic Interpretation of History in Joachim of Fiore and Ibn ‘Arabi. Source: Stephen Lawson. Date Published: December 9, 2014.