July 25, 2016

Iraqi Tribes Sell Their Country Out For Federal Reserve Paper Money; Washington Post Carries Israel's Message Threatening Lebanese Civilians; After Meeting With ISIS In Iraq, Saudi Leaders Visit Israel

An excerpt from, "How Saudi Arabia makes Iraqi tribes pledge allegiance to ISIS by giving them suitcases full of US dollars?" Veterans Today, July 25, 2016:
The Saudi regime has suffered several significant military setbacks in recent days as its terrorist proxies, namely so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, are losing more territories to the Iraqi national army and volunteer forces, therefore, Riyadh desperately seeks to entice Sunni Arab tribes to rise in rebellion against the central government in Baghdad.

A shocking image circulates rapidly on the Arab social websites, showing a Saudi intelligence officer bribing Bedouin community elders (also known as Sheikhs) in the key province of Kirkuk–a city 236 kilometers north of Baghdad–, to owe their allegiance to self-proclaimed ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi by generously giving each Sheikh a  suitcase full of US dollars.
Iraq's corrupt and criminal tribes paid their allegiance first to the CIA's man Saddam, then the American generals, and now ISIS terrorists and their Saudi paymasters.

Angry Arab - William Booth of the Washington Post casually carries Israeli threats to the "civilians of Lebanon":
"and the civilians of Lebanon, they promise." This is such a propaganda piece on two counts: 1) it carries terrorist Israeli threats against the civilians of Lebanon. The reporter mentions that matter-of-factly. Imagine the headline if Hizbullah sent through a Washington Post correspondent threats to the "civilians of Israel"; 2) he interviews and cites two Lebanese experts: both of whom are March 14 functionaries employed by March 14 media. You call that journalism?
The U.S. media has long served as Israel's propaganda arm, but this takes it to another level. In the article Israeli officials pretty much promise the complete destruction of Lebanon in any future war.

An excerpt from, "Arab Street Shocked as Saudi Delegation Visits Israel" By Juan Cole, July 25, 2016:
The Egyptian news site the Arab Observer Network reports that the visit to Israel of a former Saudi military intelligence officer, Gen. Anwar Eshki, came as a body blow to the Arab in the street. He conducted several meetings with Israeli officials last week, along with a “high level” Saudi delegation.
This was a stupid move by both sides, but considering they have both backed ISIS in Syria and across the region, it was a matter of time before they publicized their common pact. Geopolitical allies can't hide their common interests forever.