July 17, 2016

Erdogan's Appetite For Absolute Power Grows With Every Bite As The New Islamic Caliphate Slouches Toward Istanbul To Be Born

The leader of the terrorist group Hamas celebrated the death of the secular Turkish Republic and the birth of the new Islamic Caliphate centered in Istanbul by baking a cake for the bloodthirsty Caliph who staged his own coup to get even more power. 

Could we be witnessing the second coming of the Ottoman Empire? Will the Muslim World's fanatical Islamists unite and terrorize their internal opponents into total submission?

Steps have already been taken to reestablish Turkey as the center of the Sunni Muslim world. An Islamic Interpol has been created, based out of Istanbul, to fight terrorism in the Muslim world, which is very ironic since Istanbul is the main launching pad for ISIS and other terrorist groups that have wreaked havoc in Syria for the last five years.

An excerpt from, ""Exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen accused Recep Erdogan of staging the coup" Daily Mail" By Pat Lang, July 17, 2016:
IMO we should begin to think of the ultimate limits of Tayyip's ambitions. Thus far he has successfully bullied and blackmailed the EU into paying him 6 BILLION Euros to stop sending migrants across the Aegean Sea. He has embarked on a campaign of suppression of civic liberties in Turkey. He has actively supported ALL the jihadi movements in Syria. Only recently has he desisted from supporting IS but he continues to be the biggest supporter of the non-IS jihadi groups. The only reason he abandoned IS was that they began to threaten him. Without his Turkey's help the Nusra Front and the rest of the menagerie of jihadi groups would be carrion by now. What are the limits of his ambition?
An excerpt from, "NYT Pampers Erdogan - Declares Secularism To Be Extreme" By b, Moon of Alabama, July 17, 2016:
Had the amateurish coup succeeded democracy in Turkey would have been suspended for some years. Now, that Erdogan has won. he is launching an astonishingly well prepared cleansing campaign. Thousands of soldiers, including many officers unrelated to the "coup", have been detained. Some 3,000 judges, a fifth of the judiciary, have been suspended. Hundreds of them, including supreme court judges, have been jailed. Independent news-sites get closed, editors are rounded up. Erdogan calls on his Islamist followers to occupy the streets. They attack Syrian refugees, Kurdish and Alevi neighborhoods. Democracy in Turkey is now lost for decades.

To pamper Erdogan by redefining moral norms, as the NYT does, will not better the situation of the Turkish people or of anyone else exposed to Erdogan's whims.
An excerpt from, "World of Islam convenes in Istanbul, ‘Islamic Interpol’ idea gains ground" By Fatih Şemsettin Işık, Daily Sabah, April 14, 2016:
The13th OIC Summit Conference began Thursday with an opening speach by President Erdoğan, who said member states had reacted positively to Turkey's suggestion to establish an OIC-wide international police body to fight terrorism and other crimes.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member states agreed to establish an Istanbul-based police cooperation and coordination center to tackle terror and other crimes, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Thursday at the 13th OIC Summit Conference, held in Istanbul. "It would be helpful to establish a structure among member states that will strengthen and institutionalize cooperation against terror and other crimes," Erdoğan said, adding that Turkey's proposal to realize this with an Istanbul-based center, under the formal name of OIC Center for Police Cooperation and Coordination, was approved by member states. His remarks came at the opening ceremony of the OIC summit.