April 4, 2016

The Crimes of Pakistan Against Balochistan

An excerpt from, "Open Letter to Ban Ki-Moon On Crimes Against Balochistan" By Mir Balach, Asian Human Rights Commission, July 30, 2013:
Dear Sir, The Baloch Social Media Activists forum would like to draw your kind attention towards the heinous crimes that the occupying Pakistani army is committing against humanity in Balochistan on daily basis. In order to contain the Baloch Freedom Movement, the Pakistani state has adopted a sinister strategy of eliminating the intellectuals and activists of Baloch society –with its systematic 'dirty war' which generally is called "kill and dump policy". Pakistan's notorious spy agencies, ISI and MI abduct Baloch political activists and subject them to untold agonizing tortures and subsequently throw their mutilated dead bodies on deserted areas across Balochistan.

Since September, 2011 more than 700 mutilated dead bodies of around 18000 abducted Baloch political activists have been gifted to Baloch nation. The fates of the rest are unknown as Pakistani Guantanamo Bays abound in Balochistan and are off-limits to Human rights organizations and local as well as international media. Despite respected internal and international human right organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reports and courts orders, Pakistani state adamantly refuses to acknowledge and own the crimes against humanity that its security apparatus have committed and are committing in Balochistan.

Title: Balochistan Want Divorce From Punjabi Pakistan - Tarek Fatah. Source: Dera Bugti. Date Published: February 17, 2013. Description: 
Tarek Fatah once again exposes how majority Pakistani Punjabis are exploiting Baloch; and the racist attitude towards these linguistic communities. In Pakistan, the political and military power is concentrated, initially in the hands of Mohajirs and then Punjabis. The majority Punjabis are resented by most of the Balochs, Pathans and Sindhis.

Title: Balochistan Seeks Azadi From Pakistan : The Newshour Debate (1st April 2016). Source: The Newshour Debate. Date Published: April 1, 2016. Description: 
On THE NEWSHOUR, TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief and panelists -- Dr Tarek Fatah, Author & Columnist; Ahmar Mustikhan, Journalist (Defender of Human Rights of people of Baloch); Maroof Raza, Consulting Editor, Strategic Affairs; Rashneek Kher, Founder Member, Roots in Kashmir; Lt Gen Ghulam Mustafa (Retd), Defence Analyst; Major General Khalid Naeem (Retd), Defence Analyst; Brig Javed Hussain (Retd), Former Pakistan Army Special Forces officer; and Group Captain Sultan M Hali (Retd), Defence Analyst -- discuss international pressure mounting on Pakistan to free Balochistan, 'free Baloch movements' across the world to expose Pakistan and raise awareness against Pakistan's genocide in the territory it has illegally occupied.