April 9, 2016

#PakTerrorGames: Mind-Games In India, Savagery In Baloch

Pakistan and Israel share many traits in common. Both are rigidly ideological states, both profess to rule in the name of religion, both claim national victimhood and use the victim card when faced with international criticism, both are led by elites that are deeply racists, both are staunch U.S. allies, both are creations of the evil British empire, both depend on Saudi Arabia and ignore its Wahhabi mission to convert all Muslims to religious extremism, both use U.S. weapons against indigenous peoples demanding their inalienable rights, both illegally obtained nuclear weapons, and both back head-chopping terrorist groups to gain influence over their neighbouring countries.


Title: #PakTerrorGames: Mind-Games In India, Savagery In Baloch. Source: India Today. Date Published: April 7, 2016. Description: 
Pakistan appears to be back on it's usual games, raising the Kashmir bogey, blaming India for unrest on it's soil and refusing to allow a reciprocal visit of the NIA team to probe the Pathankot attack. What did expose Pakistan was the brazen backing of China on the Pathankot mastermind Masood Azhar. A Balochistan activist in India spoke out. She's an exile escaped from Pakistan and has a horrific story to tell. Take a look.