April 5, 2016

Genocidal Famine Policies To Control Populations: From The British Empire's Orchestrated Famines To Totalitarian Regimes And Now The Globalists' Wet Dream of Worldwide Mass Starvation

"Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people." - war criminal Henry Kissinger.

An excerpt from, "Proving the Irish Famine was genocide by the British" By Niall O'Dowd, Irish Central, April 5, 2016:
The most significant section of Tim Pat Coogan’s book on the Irish Famine is not his own writing, but his printing of the United Nations definition of genocide.

The Famine Plot”, published by Palgrave MacMillan, was released in America and Coogan should have been here to launch it but in a separate but equally confounding plot he was denied a visa to come here by the American Embassy in Dublin.

The conclusion from his book is unmistakable.

Ireland’s most prominent historian, who has previously created definitive portraits of both Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera, has now pointed the finger squarely at the British during the Famine and stated it was genocide.
An excerpt from, "Exploring Great Britain’s role in Great Famine in Iran during World War part 1" By Amir Ali Delshad, Islamic Revolution Document Center:
The Great Famine of 1917- 1919 is undoubtedly the greatest calamity in Persia’s history that unfortunately has received very little attention. During this famine approximately 40percents of Iranian population perished. The main factor for intensified and prolonged famine was financial and commercial policies of Great Britain, because at that time Iran was under occupation of Britain.   
“Generally, we can divide the causes of famine into two groups of natural causes of famine and socio-historical factors. Among natural causes of famine we can mention the level of atmospheric precipitation, cold and flood, human pandemics like cholera and plague, animal pandemics, and locust plague and eurygaster integriceps damage.” [1] “On socio-historical factors we can name war and blockade, incompetency, governor’s corruption and misguided policies, the rule of tyranny and lack of confidence and empathy between people and rulers, hoarding, chaotic paths, rulers’ and landlords’ cruelties, violence and undue rigor in the face of famine, and political mischievousness.” [2] “Due to its geographical conditions that is located in hot and dry area and faces lack of rainfall, Iran has faced many famines during history.” [3] But sometimes the aforementioned socio-historical factors have reinforced these famines. The Great Famine of 1917-1919 is one of them in which the outbreak of World War I and occupation of Iran and, most important of all, Britain’s policies during occupation resulted in an unbelievable and great calamity. With advent of World War I, Britain, Russia, and Ottoman violated Iran’s neutrality and invaded Iran. After the defeat of Ottoman and occurrence of Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and consequently withdrawal of their forces from Iran, Britain could occupy whole Iran and a vast part of Middle East. Accordingly, Tsarist Russia (historical rival of Britain in Iran) left the scene and two treaties dividing Iran (August 1907, and March 1915) became futile. Britain occupied Iran until June 1918, and finally left Iran on February 1921, some days after coup of February 22 in Iran. But during this same period the greatest calamity of Persia’s history, namely the famine of 1917-1919, occurred. “As will be shown later, approximately between 8-10 million Iranians perished during this famine, and British government not only did nothing to alleviate the famine, but intensified it through confiscating local foods and cereals, preventing food import of foodstuffs from India, Mesopotamia, and United States , and adopting financial policies such as refusing paying oil revenues to Iran. Consequently a larger amount of Iranians expired due to British policies.” [4] According to Majd, since this famine was primarily a result of Iran’s occupation by Russia and Britain and later British policies exasperated it, casualties resulted from famine can be considered as World War I’s damages, damages that are apparently far beyond massacre of Armenians in Turkey and Jewish genocide by Nazis during World War II.
An excerpt from, "The Great Famine and Genocide in Persia, 1917-1919" By Mohammad Gholi Majd, Amazon:
As many as eight to ten million Persians perished because of starvation and disease during the famine of 1917-1919, making it the greatest calamity in Persia's history. In this book, Mohammad Gholi Majd argues that Persia was the greatest victim of World War One and also the victim of possibly the worst genocide of the twentieth century. Using U.S. State Department records, as well as Persian and British sources, Majd describes and documents a veritable holocaust about which practically nothing has been written. It is the first book in Majd's World War I trilogy.
An excerpt from, "Democratic Unfreedom - Social Technique and the Manufacture of Control" By Kingsley Dennis, Truthout, June 19, 2012:
The control and management of global food supplies has been a corporate and political priority for decades, with US-based conglomerates leading the charge. As elite establishment political figure Henry Kissinger remarked in 1970, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Recent research places multinational corporations behind the push toward controlling global food supplies.

By the beginning of the 21st century, world supplies of cereal were under the control of a few US-based monopolies. Four large agrochemical/seed companies - Monsanto, Novartis, Dow Chemical and DuPont - controlled more than 75 percent of the US's seed corn sales and 60 percent of soybean seed sales. By the merging of giant agrochemical and seed companies, livestock could be fed on a huge diet of drugs in order to stimulate increased growth. It has been estimated that in recent years the largest users of antibiotics and similar pharmaceutical products are not humans, but animals, which consumed 70 percent of all pharmaceutical antibiotics. Statistics show, quite shockingly, that the use of antibiotics by US agribusiness increased from 500,000 pounds to 40 million pounds (an 80-fold increase by weight) from 1954 to 2005. As a consequence, the Center for Disease Control in the US has reported an "epidemic" rise in food-related diseases in humans as a result of eating meat containing large quantities of antibiotics. One Harvard University researcher, Ray Goldberg, who set up a research group to examine the revolution in agribusiness (including genetically modified organisms), reported: "the genetic revolution is leading to an industrial convergence of food, health, medicine, fiber and energy business."[6]
An excerpt from, "The Globalists’ New World Order: Soft and Hard Kill Methods. An Unknown and Uncertain Future" By Joachim Hagopian, Global Research, May 23, 2015:
The GMO destruction that Monsanto has caused on our planet to our altered, highly processed, poisonous foodsdevoid of virtually all nutrient value is also well documented. But just as the EPA gives federal license to industrial polluters, the FDA permits mercury and other toxins in our food and drugs.recent study shows that just eating a diet exclusively off the McDonalds menu for just ten days straight kills off critical levels of good gut bacteria needed to metabolize nutrients and optimally maintain the immune system.

Is it any wonder that generations of humans consuming mass amounts of fast food poisons these days are so morbidly obese (one in three US adults) and dying prematurely from heart disease and cancer? Yet through billions of dollars spent on predatory advertising sugar and toxins are in large part guilty along with other soft kill methods of causing chronic health disease and the longevity of Americans to be plateauing out. Despite medical advances, the US lags behind nearly all other industrial nations now in lifespan. And the US is not alone. Even Japan known for its oldest aging population is beginning to slip due to the global onslaught of transnational killers like McDonalds proliferating the planet. Obesity is going global thanks to America’s fast food industry.

The brainwashing methods designed to dumb down the global population is also taking its toll. Subliminal mind control methods saturate today’s media airwaves from onscreen computer games to television, film and popular music especially targeting younger generations. The excessively longer hours that humans interact with their computer screens and cell phones are creating untold damage especially in children. These venues malevolentlyalter brainwave patterns in vulnerable humans to keep them addicted, unable to think critically, dumbed down and too preoccupied and distracted to realize they are being used as guinea pigs in a diabolical human experiment called social engineering. These sinister soft kill tactics are adversely affecting both the physical and mental health of billions of people around the planet.
An excerpt from, "Depopulation Through Planned Governmental Starvation of U.S. Citizens" By Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show, October 31, 2012:
The lessons of history clearly demonstrate that dictatorial regimes, whether they be Socialists, Communists, and Marxists will not hesitate to use food as a weapon against their own people in order to solidify power and impose absolute autocratic control. Food can be withheld from the masses by preventing it from being grown and harvested, by contaminating it and rendering it unfit for human consumption or by simply preventing food from being distributed to a targeted population.

The two most notable examples of dictators using food a weapon in order to destroy the free will of their people comes from the regimes of Stalin and Hitler.

Josef Stalin engaged in his own Soviet style Holocaust when, in 1932 and 1933, and estimated six to 20 million people in the Ukraine died from starvation when Stalin implemented his prescription of “hope and change” policies in order to eliminate the Ukrainian’s desire for becoming their own nation-state.

Upon assuming power, the Stalinist Communist regime rapidly nationalized the food industry and forced all of the region’s farms into collectives. Thus, Stalin’s version of the Holocaust came to fruition in what history has dubbed, the “Holdomor,” in which millions perished in only a two year period when the Soviet government began to exterminate the Ukrainian population by taking control of food and food production.

Hitler proclaimed that food could be used as a tool “…to discipline the masses” and he did not hesitate to use the control of food as a type of carrot and stick in which he would reward accomplishment and punish failure as well as to ferment preferential class distinctions in which his armed forces received the largest food ration cards. Skilled workers who were engaged in industries critical to the building of the German war machine, received food ration cards which were slightly less in value. And, finally, the prisoners and the Jews received the lowest valued Nazi food ration cards. Food ration cards were also utilized as incentives to increase industrial production and were also increased in value when productive Nazi workers would be promoted. Food ration cards were diminished in value for the failure to meet Nazi production goals. Hitler’s use of what psychologists refer to as classical conditioning techniques reduced the will of the German population to a pack of Pavlovian dogs who were conditioned to be totally dependent upon the government for their survival.