March 3, 2016

With The U.S. & EU Dropping Their Support, The Crazed, Criminal Leaders of Turkey & Saudi Arabia Will Soon Have Nowhere To Turn

 The Sultan wants to kill all the Kurds, and the King wants to kill all the Shiites. But their main instrument ISIS is failing them. And they too will fail. All the American and European arms in the world will not save their regimes from destruction and collapse.

Osama Bin Laden was not a wild wolf hunting in the woods but a toothless and domesticated dog who only chewed up what the CIA laid in front of his paws. The mindless dogs of ISIS who worship Bin Laden are the same. They only go where they are sent by their vicious and cunning masters. Yesterday it was Libya, today it is Syria, and tomorrow it will be Lebanon. They don't have minds or agendas of their own.

Waging war on ISIS is good, but it won't address the real problem. The real problem stems from state sponsors of Islamic terrorism. The CIA, the Mossad, the MI6, and their minions like Erdogan and King Salman are the terrorist trainers who keep pumping out groups like ISIS every decade. It is impossible to defeat ISIS and Islamic extremism in general without bringing them to account.

An excerpt from, "The War in Syria Continues Despite the “Ceasefire”" by Binoy Kampmark, Global Research, March 3, 2016:
With their series of defeats on the battle field the death squads cowardly response has been to step up their terror attacks on civilians a long series of car bombings continue to take a heavy toll in civilian lives. Sadly Syria has been a victim of these attacks for so long that what would be front page news if it happened anywhere else is quickly forgotten when it happens in Syria. In any case hundreds of Syrian civilians were killed in senseless bombing attacks no doubt ordered, by the Empire of Chaos and it’s allies in a spiteful revenge for the terrorists losses. Turkey is also launching attacks in it’s impotent rage over the defeat of it’s terrorist proxies and of course their covert forces disguised as terrorist proxies. It has been shelling Syria from across the border harassing the YPG/SDF with Russian air support and weapons from their Syrian allies have been attempting to close the border into Aleppo. The Kurds have stubbornly continued to advance despite the shelling. Maybe that’s why the turks escalated towards nearly killing 30 foreign journalists covering the conflict who of course caught the whole thing on video tape. According to Pepe Escobar the US saved the turks and the saudis from themselves by forbidding an invasion. This must be why the turks are starting to go a bit crazy. An amusing detail according to Syrian Perspective a bunch of Saudi generals wrote in to their mad king begging him not to launch an invasion of Syria given that they were already losing badly in Yemen. Rumor has it Turkey’s generals also had to explain to Erdogan the Sultan of Chaos why an invasion would be disastrous in the face of overwhelming Russian air superiority. This whole episode has exposed yet again why NATO must be disbanded before it plunges the world into disaster one crazed NATO member could easily drag the world into a nuclear war. Especially as Washington insists on installing fanatical anti-Russian  governments throughout eastern Europe some with openly fascist sympathies.
An excerpt from, "Saudi Air Force Deploys to Support Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria" by South Front, Veterans Today, March 3, 2016:
It is very clear that any air campaign engaged upon by Turkey and Saudi Arabia alone will be met with a swift and effective Russian response with both ground and naval-based air defenses as well as the most modern and capable air superiority fighters in the region. Russia has made it extremely clear, in diplomatic yet unambiguous terms that it will not allow any outside forces to invade Syria to topple the government and secure their own aims in violation of Syrian sovereignty. Additionally, Russia has international law on its side in any dispute. It is carrying out military operations within Syria at the request of the legitimate government of that nation