March 25, 2016

The West Is Back To Its Old Colonial Tricks In Libya, Proposes A New King To Unite War-Weary Libyans

The wicked witch of the west in all her glory. She came, she saw, and an entire nation died. It will be hell on earth if she becomes President.

An excerpt from, "Long Live the King: Why Restoration of Monarchy in Libya Suits West's Needs" Sputnik News, March 25, 2016:
The Western political establishment is harboring a plan to restore the monarchy in Libya, US political analyst Phil Butler unveils, adding that the name of the New World Order's Libyan king is Prince Mohammed El Senussi.

Prince Mohammed el-Senussi is a son of Sayyid Hasan ar-Rida al-Mahdi el-Senussi, who was the crown prince of the Kingdom of Libya from October 1956 to September 1969, when the monarchy was abolished, US political analyst Phil Butler narrates in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

On September 1, 1969 a group of Libyan army officers, including Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, toppled Libya's King Idris and brought an end to the de facto rule of the crown prince.

Interestingly enough, it was the "legitimate" heir to the throne, Prince Mohammed, who called for the international community to help remove Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from power in his interview to Al-Jazeera English on February 24, 2011.
The Western political establishment needs a loyal political figure in Tripoli that would at the same time play a role of "national symbol" for Libyans. Needless to say, el-Senussi suits such a plan.