March 29, 2016

The United Nations Is Crossing A Red Line In Libya, Seeks To Conquer The Divided Nation In The Name of Eliminating ISIS

The United Nations, like ISIS, has enslaved and raped civilians under its care in many peace-keeping missions across the world. It is also engaged in drug, human, and sex trafficking.

An excerpt from, "Libya - Tribes, Militia, Interests And Intervention - by Richard Galustian" Moon of Alabama, March 29, 2016:
It is something that had never happened in any country since the formation of the United Nations. The UN has, without an election, created unilaterally its own government for a country, and then immediately recognized it. The Government of National Accord, the GNA for Libya is a government based in exile and not elected but chosen by the "International Community".
A concerted effort over Easter for the GNA in exile in Tunis to 'take power' in Tripoli failed completely despite the spin and false optimism of the UN and the U.S. and UK in particular.
An excerpt from, "Rejection to UN-imposed government grows in Libya" The Libya Observer, March 29, 2016: 
Misrata Council of Elders and civil society institutions in the city have totally rejected the UN-imposed government and its efforts to come to Tripoli, describing it a trusteeship government.

"We totally reject imposing this government on Libyans by force, as it failed to get Libyan consensus and vote of confidence from legislative authorities in Libya," a statement issued on Tuesday explained.

The statement added that imposing the self-declared government in this way is considered a hostile action against Libyans. It denounced the threat of pro-government armed groups to use force to install it in Tripoli.

"We hold this government and its promoters responsible for any bloodshed," the statement warned.