March 15, 2016

The Big Bad Wolf Huffed, Puffed, And. . .Walked Away

An excerpt from, "Putin: Withdrawal Of Russian Forces From Syria Starting March 15" by b, Moon of Alabama, March 14, 2016:
Or is this, as announced, an "incentive" to put some urgency on progress in the Geneva negotiations?  (An "incentive" that can be taken back should it not have the intended results.)

One can also think of this as a message to the U.S. to get serious: "Don't take our help in fighting ISIS for granted. We can simply secure Assad and leave. Then you alone will have to clean up the Jihadi mess you created."
Title: The Real Reason For Russia's Withdrawal From Syria. Source: WeAreChange. Date Published: March 15, 2016. Description:
In this video Luke Rudkowski goes over all the details of Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing the withdrawal of Russian forces inside of Syria and the real reason why this is happening right now. It looks like tensions in the middle east are dying down with the face off between the U.S and Russia but on the other side of the world they are heating up. We talk about the geopolitical chess moves that are being made and how things will develop. Thank you for keeping this operation going by investing $1 a month to our patreon