February 8, 2016

War in Syria: "Thank God the Russians intervened"

Title: War in Syria: "Thank God the Russians intervened." Source: FRANCE 24 English. Date Published: February 8, 2016. Description:
Angela Merkel is in Ankara to bargain over billions in aid for refugees pledged by Europe. She needs Turkey and the EU to be working together ahead of a Brussels summit next week. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing a Russian-backed government offensive are blocked from entering Turkey. What should Merkel be telling her hosts in Ankara? What should she be telling Vladimir Putin? What will she say to her EU partners next week?
The journalist in the video below is a voice of reason and sanity. Two solutions that he offers to end the war in Syria and that should have been acted on years ago are the termination of NATO-Saudi/Qatari-Turkish support for ISIS terrorists, and the construction of infrastructure in the region to accommodate the refugees of the war so Europe is not flooded with them.