February 9, 2016

Under NATO Bombing Islamic Extremists Gain Power, Under Russian Bombing Islamic Extremists Lose Power

Putin saved Syria. But to what end?

A big reason why American, Zionist, and Western propagandists are mad at Russia's victory in Syria is because Russia is doing what Washington promised it would do after 9/11, which is defeat Islamic extremism.

The defeat of Islamic extremism on the Syrian battlefield has not been welcome news in the American, Western and Israeli press. They have tried their darnedest to portray Russia's airstrikes against ISIS in a bad light, even going so far as to say that Russia is directly bombing civilians. Their pathetic propaganda never ends.

They still have not admitted that the so-called Syrian moderate rebels are not moderate, rebels, or even Syrians, holding onto this illusion even until now.

The Syrian opposition, if you can even call it that, is entirely made up of Islamic extremists. And this fact was evident five years ago. But the clever censorship gave ISIS protection to wreak havoc and conquer territory in Syria.

If these barbaric terrorists and sectarian forces were to take Damascus the consequences for the Syrian people and the region would be much graver than they currently are.

Sadly, an Assad victory is the best of bad outcomes. The intelligent and educated Syrians who hate sectarianism know this better than anyone else. As bad as Assad is, at least he does not pose the threat of genocide to the people of Syria like ISIS and its backers do.

Of course, this sober fact does not excuse the barbarity and cruelty of the Assad regime. Assad's statues will not be built anytime soon in any Arab capital for his heroism. This is Putin's victory. Not Assad's. Without his allies Assad would've been toast already.

And Putin won the war against Islamic extremists in Syria because his government waged the war honestly and pragmatically, working with allies or whoever on the ground that shared the same goal.

Washington's war on terror was a failure from the start because it was fought dishonestly and disingenuously.

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Turkey, which are the key regional allies in NATO's war on terrorism in the Middle East, are all known state sponsors of Islamic extremism in one form or another. Their intelligence agencies work hand in glove with groups like ISIS.

They have all contributed to the growth of terrorism by either financing Islamist terrorist groups, sheltering key terrorist leaders, or radicalizing the young population with conservative curriculums in schools and Wahhabi teachings in the mosques all around the world. They have brainwashed the minds of a generation of Muslims, going back to the so-called Jihad in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

If the U.S. and the West were serious about taking on Islamic extremism and eradicating groups like ISIS then they would immediately drop these allies, not request their aid which is worth nothing in the end.

As Professor Stephen Walt wrote last year, "If the United States were truly serious about terrorism, you’d see a more hardnosed approach to the various American “allies” who are part of the problem rather than being part of the solution."