February 12, 2016

This Is Something That Only Terrorists Do


ISIS and the Pentagon share a similar loser's tactic: bomb civilians, destroy vital infrastructure, and then blame it on their enemies, Assad/Russia. Such devilish and dirty tactics do not work in this transparent age of warfare.

Real warriors with real causes fight wars righteously. Terrorists, whether they lead big states or small groups, fight wars with every trick in the book, from launching propaganda campaigns to brainwash the public to practicing false flags. And they always fail in the end, as we have seen in Syria.

The reason why ISIS and the so-called "Syrian rebels" are losing after five years of war is because they fight dishonestly and cowardly, doing things like running for cover in mosques, putting civilians in cages to serve as human shields, and fleeing in women's clothes and make-up when the enemy takes the battle to them.

Such intolerable terrorists have no honour, no faith, no courage, and no discipline. Victory is not in their vocabulary. All they know is "Allahu Akbar" as if that means anything when seconds later they're running away in make up.

The bigger question is why does the U.S. have to mimic ISIS's tactics to advance its objectives in Syria? Why is a superpower that defeated two powerful ideologies, Nazism and Communism, in the last century, stooping to the level of a weak terrorist group like ISIS in this century?

Something has gone wrong in the Pentagon.

There are better ways to win a war than by shooting up hospitals. The Pentagon should try it sometime. It might find that it is strong enough to not stoop to these kinds of dirty tactics. 

Title: MUST SEE: U.S. planes bombed Syria's Aleppo hospitals and thеn accused Russia for doing it. Source: Russia Insider. Date Published: February 12, 2016. Description:
This is quite an amazing statement of Major General Igor Konashenkov. I don’t think I have ever heard before a senior Russian officer so openly express his disgust and contempt for his US “colleagues”.