February 25, 2016

German Politician Wagenknecht on Merkel's Policy on Syria & NATO Bombs

"Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has defended his push for a presidential system of government by citing "Hitler's Germany" as an historic example." (Source). Erdogan is committing strategic suicide in Syria by aligning his regime with ISIS's fortunes.

"You just mentioned the fight about the source of refugees, you mentioned the danger of terrorism, and you choose as your main partner in the resolution for the refugee crisis, precisely the sponsor of terrorism, Erdogan, whose bloody policies against the Kurds in his own country, and his support of Islamic terrorist gangs in Syria, presently becomes himself a creator of refugees. It is absolutely irrational. And the transformation of Turkey into a prison for refugees with Erdogan as the warden, who can endlessly blackmail Europe because the key of that prison, will always be with him. That is not a resolution to the problem, it is a declaration of moral bankruptcy." - German Politician Sahra Wagenknecht.

Video Title: German Politician Wagenknecht on Merkel's Policy on Syria & NATO Bombs. Source: antikriegtv2. Date Published: February 24, 2016.