February 22, 2016

GCC Troops Are Fighting With ISIL In Yemen; Syrian "Moderate Rebels" Openly Show Their Affiliation With ISIL; CIA Rewarded ISIL Leader In Libya For A Job Well Done

"GCC forces fighting with Al-Qa`idah in Yemen: On a visit to the frontline near the city of Taiz, a documentary maker filmed jihadists and pro-government militiamen, supported by UAE soldiers:

"The BBC has found evidence in Yemen that troops from a Saudi-led coalition force and al-Qaeda militants are both fighting Houthi rebels in a key battle."" (Source: Angry Arab).

"Moderate Syrian rebels make an end to bombing of Al-Qa`idah in Syria a condition for a cease-fire." (Source: Angry Arab).

"In July 2011, al-Harati’s house in Rathkeale (Ireland) was burgled. His companion, Eftaima al-Najar, alerted the police and told them that the thieves had taken costly Egyptian and Libyan jewellery and 200,000 Euros in 500-Euro notes. Contacted by telephone, Mahdi al-Harati confirmed to the police that he had recently met with authorities from Qatar, France and the USA, and claimed that he had received this sum from the CIA to help in the overthrow of Mouamar el-Kadhafi. However, he recanted these original declarations when the Libyan Resistance took control of the affair.

In July and August 2011, he commanded the Tripoli Brigade – of which his brother-in-law, Hosam al-Najjair, was also a member. The Tripoli Brigade was a unit of Al-Qaïda supervised by French legionnaires and tasked by NATO with taking the Hotel Rixos." (Source: Voltaire Network).