January 31, 2016

No Honour Among Thieves

"Israel is flouting the “friendly” rules of espionage to steal U.S. trade and tech secrets." (Source).

An excerpt from, "Longstanding US-UK Spying on Israeli Military Operations. Israel Also Spies America…" by Stephen Lendman, Global Research, January 31, 2016:
It’s no surprise. Nations routinely spy on allies and adversaries. Today’s sophisticated technology makes it easier than ever.

On Friday, Israeli and Western media reported Washington and Britain accessed Israeli military aircraft video feeds – letting them monitor IDF operations in Gaza, along with watching for potential strikes on Iran.

US and UK intelligence cracked special IDF encryption years ago. They’ve been monitoring communications between Israeli warplanes, drones and military bases.
Despite longstanding close ties, past and current US national security officials consider Israel a frustrating ally, a genuine counterintelligence threat.

Its technical capability and human resources match some of America’s best – with direct access to top-level US political, military and intelligence sources, enlisting them to steal American secrets.
Israel gets virtually anything it wants from Washington, its intrusive spying overlooked.