January 14, 2016

Moon of Alabama Destroys Tabloid-Like Foreign Policy Magazine For Ludicrously Defending The House of Saud

Anyone who takes the trash published in Foreign Policy seriously must be gullible as hell.

An excerpt from, "Feeling Ignored By Obama Saudi Dynasty Threatens To Hurt Itself" by b, Moon of Alabama, January 14, 2016:
Someone payed Kim Ghattas, a BBC correspondent in Washington, to write an extremely pro-Saudi piece for Foreign Policy.

The money was not well spent. The piece, The Saudi-Iran War Is America’s Fault, is as lousy as its headline.

The central argument goes somewhat like this:

"If the U.S. does not stop the nuclear disarmament of Iran - the Saudis baddest foe -  then the Saudis will have no other choice but to destabilize Saudi Arabia."

No. That does not make sense. But that is the argument the piece makes. It is also something that the Saudis are actually doing.