January 18, 2016

It Is Time For Pakistan, India, And Israel To Dismantle Their Nuclear Programs And Destroy Their Nuclear Weapons

Step by step, nation by nation, regime by regime, continent by continent, the nuclear rock will be chipped away by mankind whether the evil demons and wicked witches of this world like Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu like it or not.

The hypocrites and idiots who believe the world is a safer place today because Iran, which was not constructing any nuclear weapons in the first place, has successfully implemented the nuclear deal it signed with Washington and other world powers should give their heads a shake. There are still many states, some more irrational than Iran like the U.S, Israel, and Pakistan, who possess hundreds of nuclear weapons and fully intend to use at least a couple of them in future wars.

An excerpt from, "Israel Must Now Open Its Nuclear Program to IAEA Inspection, or Face Sanctions" by Anthony Bellchambers, Global Research, January 18, 2016:
Iran has currently met its obligations to the IAEA under the 2015 US-­led agreement with the UN and now IT is the time for Israel to submit its nuclear program to UNSC inspection or face international sanctions.
An excerpt from, "India within range of Pakistan's nuclear weapons: Hafiz Saeed" by Zee News, January 17, 2016:
"“India and Israel are within the range of Pakistan's nuclear weapons,” Saeed said while addressing JuD supporters on 15 January.

The 2008 Mumbai attacks mastermind didn't even spared his own Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. While targeting Sharif, the JuD chief said the Pakistani Premier wasn't able to put forward Islamabad's case when he met President Barack Obama in the US.

The JuD chief said that Sharif went to US with a file allegedly containing evidence against India and its spy wing RAW for spreading terror in Pakistan, but it was of no help to the country, Saeed maintained.

“When the Pakistan Premier reached US, he had to first meet US Secretary of State John Kerry who asked him to handover the file to him. After reluctantly giving the file to Kerry Sharif met Obama, who refused to pay heed to accusations against India and asked him about the action taken by Pakistan against JuD, Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Toiba,” Saeed said."