November 3, 2015

Updates On Armageddon: Saudis Blow Up Russians In Plane Over Sinai, Turkey's Voters Embrace ISIS Presidency, Washington Continues With Its Ill-Conceived Regime Change Policies

The only Syrian at the table at the Syria talks in Vienna was the waiter. His presence represents the total failure of the conference. The representatives of ISIS head choppers were invited to the meeting but not the representatives of the Assad regime or the PYD? How stupid is that? The clever idiots who organized this conference obviously don't want a conclusion to the war anytime soon.

An excerpt from, ``Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for Airline Bomb`` by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today, November 3, 2015:
A source with Russian intelligence just confirmed that the Russian government will not announce its preliminary findings on the A321 crash in Sinai. However, their intelligence solidly names Saudi Arabia as responsible for the bombing which killed 244. Egyptian intelligence was fully complicit in the terror attack. The sources stated: “Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia anyway, Egypt has no security services, only paid foreign spies.” Sources in Moscow say there no doubts whatsoever.
An excerpt from, ``Erdogan's AKP "Wins" Snap Election - Successful Challenge Unlikely`` by b, Moon of Alabama, November 1, 2015:
We can therefor expect that many people will call this a fraudulent election. It may well have been one. Erdogan certainly does not refrain from playing dirty. But do not expect much success for any challenge. The police, prosecutors, and courts are all under tight AKP control. Internationally Erdogan is getting a lot of support from "western" states.

Just two day before the vote the U.S. announced that it approved long held back ‘smart bomb’ sale to Turkey. The EU held back a report critical on political and human rights in Turkey. Just twelve days ago Merkel visited for a photo op on the Sultan's throne and offered billions for Turkey to stop sending migrants to northern Europe. There was little criticism of Erdogan for seizing the Koza-─░pek Group and the various media channels it owns. These "western" measure were, all together, very supportive for Erdogan and likely brought him some additional voters. So do not expect any criticism from these sides even if some evidence of vote manipulation emerges. The fix is now in.
An excerpt from, ``The Perils of Obama's Latest Undeclared War`` by Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic, November 2, 2015:
Without Congressional permission, public debate, or any attempt to rally the American public’s support, President Obama has ordered U.S. ground troops to a war zone, his most flagrantly unconstitutional war-making since he unlawfully helped to overthrow Muammar al-Qaddafi. “The United States is set to deploy troops on the ground in Syria for the first time to advise and assist rebel forces combating ISIS,” CNN reports. “The deployment of U.S. Special Operations forces is the most significant escalation of the American military campaign against ISIS to date.”

This should perturb even proponents of a U.S. war against ISIS.

As Obama put it prior to the 2008 election: “The president does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”

Now he is engaging in the very actions that he specifically declared to be illegal. And Congress is abdicating its responsibility to either empower him to wage war or to rein him in. Its passivity is enabling Obama to exceed the limits of his power in a way that has, in the past, led to failed wars as catastrophic as Vietnam and as recent as Libya.