November 12, 2015

The Wicked Witch Wishes That We Forget About The Timeline of Events That Led To Libya's Destruction

"Now listen you, people of NATO. 
You’re bombing a wall which stood in the way of African migration to Europe, and in the way of Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You‘re breaking it. You’re idiots, and you will burn in Hell for thousands of migrants from Africa and for supporting Al Qaeda. It will be so. I never lie. And I do not lie now." - Gaddafi.
The cowardly lion does not lie but the wicked witch does lie and will go on lying as the article below illustrates. 

Gaddafi stupidly placed his trust in NATO and America, even after he saw what happened to Saddam who came up through the ranks in the 1970s as a CIA client only to then be played into invading Kuwait by CIA boss Bush and thus sealing his fate. Gaddafi didn't learn from history and in the end he too got slapped in the face for turning his cheek to Washington.

Clinton claimed Gaddafi's head but Humpty Dumpty could've been Secretary of State and Libya would've still been attacked because the policy to remove Gaddafi from power was formulated way before Clinton got into office. With that said, it's still interesting to see how energetic and resourceful the wicked witch is in her attempts to control the world public's memory about the timeline of events that led to Libya's destruction at the hands of Islamic terrorists backed by U.S. and NATO air power. 

How many gullible people are buying her version of events? Is the wicked witch powerful enough to shape global thinking on the epic catastrophe in Libya and dictate how the world remembers recent events? 

An excerpt from, "New Hillary Clinton Emails Show She Wanted Credit for Libya Intervention in 2011. Now She Doesn’t." By Branko Marcetic, In These Times, November 11, 2015:
Now that Libya has descended into chaos, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is at pains to dispel the notion that, as secretary of state, she led the U.S. intervention that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Yet the latest tranche of emails from Clinton’s private server, released by the State Department on October 30, shows there’s one individual who would strongly object to those efforts: the Hillary Clinton of 2011 and 2012.
For instance, in her 2014 memoir, Hard Choices, published long after conditions in Libya had deteriorated, Clinton portrays herself as reluctant to push for military action until the March 12 Arab League resolution “changed the calculus.” Likewise, in both the October 13 Democratic debate and her testimony to the House Committee on Benghazi in October 22, she pointed to the Arab League’s “unprecedented” resolution as a key reason she supported intervention.

Yet Clinton’s emails suggest that she saw her own work on the resolution as a critical element in “securing the authorization” for force on Libya. In other words, the Clinton of 2012 saw herself as a principal agent in forging the very resolution that the Clinton of 2015 cites as a turning point in her thinking.
An excerpt from, "Clinton says Gaddafi must go" by Andrew Quinn, Reuters, February 28, 2011:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Monday of using "mercenaries and thugs" to suppress a popular uprising as world leaders sought new ways to isolate and oust him.
"We have seen Colonel Gaddafi's security forces open fire on peaceful protesters. They have used heavy weapons on unarmed civilians. Mercenaries and thugs have been turned loose to attack demonstrators," Clinton said. 
"Through their actions, they have lost the legitimacy to govern. And the people of Libya have made themselves clear: It is time for Gaddafi to go -- now, without further violence or delay," she told the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.