November 20, 2015

Tarpley On The Paris Attacks: Not A False Flag

 Photo Source: ABC.

An excerpt from, "ISIS Must Be Quickly Destroyed to Prevent Degenerate Elites from Using Its Terrorism to Impose Police-State Dictatorships in the Western World", November 20, 2015:
The French police have now gone three for three when it comes to eliminating suspects who might have become extremely effective witnesses in the dismantling of terrorist networks. They may realize they are protecting Saudi Arabia and Turkey, or they may be trying to protect the mechanisms of state-sponsored terrorism.

The ongoing attempts at analysis of this event have been impeded by a widespread tendency to fall back on clichés which have been around for a decade and a half. Many analysts feel obliged to use words like false flag or Gladio, despite the fact there is much evidence that these notions do not apply. We are dealing to be sure with state-sponsored terrorism, but we must be prepared to entertain the possibility that the states involved are less those of NATO than countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to say nothing of nonstate actors like the Moslem Brotherhood.

One indispensable principle of any terrorism analysis is the issue of cui bono or cui prodest — who benefits from this event, since the one who benefits is the prime suspect.

As we have attempted to outline in recent days, ISIS must be viewed as having suffered very serious defeats recently, including the bombing of Raqqa, the killing of the notorious butcher Jihadi John, the siege of Ramadi by the Iraqi Army, the crisis of ISIS manpower in the Aleppo to Palmyra area, the lifting of the siege at a key Syrian Army air base, and the capture of Sinjar by Kurdish ground forces backed up by US combat aviation. With many demoralized and disillusioned ISIS veterans now returning to their homelands, it is clear that ISIS is threatened by a crippling shortfall in the recruiting of new fanatical patsies. In order to maintain recruiting, ISIS needs victories, so that the young dupes can be made to see the caliphate as somehow invincible. Despite the best efforts of the corrupt Western media, the myth of ISIS invincibility has been torn to shreds, which means that new and spectacular victories are indispensable. That, we would submit, is the most likely explanation for what happened in Paris. This is also probably the motive for the bombastic threats coming from ISIS over the last few days about their grandiose and megalomaniac plans for attacking Washington DC, New York City and Rome, Italy.
Video Title:  Paris Attacks, False Flags & ISIS’ True Leadership with Webster Tarpley. Source: Enter The Buzzsaw. Date Published: November 20, 2015. Description: 
Questions of the Paris attack being a false flag event, and who is really directing ISIS are answered by Webster Tarpley. Is Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the leader of Daesh? Has the CIA and the US government been using ISIS as an extension of the military in Iraq and Syria? We look at the ‘false war’ against ISIS, the truth about Obama ‘the Muslim,’ and take a closer look at Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Allen’s involvement in the region in this Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.