September 24, 2015

Who is on the right side of history in Syria?

The most evil enemies of the peoples of Syria and the Middle East are Political Islam, Israel and America, not Russia.

Who is on the right side of history in Syria? Obama or Putin? Assad or ISIS/Al Qaeda? Only the force of arms will decide that question.

To get a better understanding of what awaits Syria in the wake of an Assad exist we have to look at the geopolitics of Syria, and remember recent history in the region.

America went against Russia in Afghanistan in the 1980s for malicious, imperialist, and selfish reasons and look at how well that intervention turned out. Afghanistan, though suffering under communist rule, was still in pretty good shape in 1979.

After the U.S. decided to arm the Jihadist terrorists and egg Russia on, Afghanistan was broken and taken over by the forces of religious extremism. Crazy militias came to rule various territories in the wake of the disintegration of the state. Its closest neighbours, Islamic Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, tried to gain control of these politically and culturally backward militias, with both successes and failures.

Today, Afghans respect forward-looking Hindu Indians and loathe their pathetic backward-looking Muslim neighbours because India is actually trying to build their country up rather than control it.

The same outcome that happened in Afghanistan is likely to happen in Syria. Four and a half years ago, informed analysts warned about the "Talibanization" of Syria, and they turned out to be right. On top of religious terrorism, Talibanization, and depopulation, Syria has to deal with very aggressive and obnoxious neighbours.

Turkey and Israel are thirsting for control, waiting like vultures to pick up the pieces and even absorb Syrian territory. Erdogan's Turkey has already stolen Syria's manufacturing wealth in Aleppo, and Israel is eyeing its natural resources. On mainstream television in Turkey the media personalities say every day that they will take a chunk of northern Syria and add a new province to their country.

Erdogan and Netanyahu are very annoying neighbours, and the fact that they're both backing ISIS means that they share a lot of blame for the murder and displacement of civilians in Syria. Assad is in his full right to respond like with like, but so far he hasn't done a damn thing to stop these outrageous acts of aggression and crimes against his nation. But at least Assad's government has been a stop valve, preventing the invading barbaric Jihadist terrorists from doing even more damage. So Syria has not totally sunk into ruin.

But if Assad is pushed out of the picture, Syria will break apart and its greedy neighbours will then be able to run roughshod over the country.

Title: War in Syria: Barack Obama to meet president Vladimir Putin over Russian build up. Source: FRANCE 24 English. Date Published: September 24, 2015.