September 11, 2015

Updates On Syria (9/11/15): Washington Is Still Propping Up ISIS And Moscow Is Still Propping Up Assad

Not much has changed in four and a half years since the war in Syria began. It is the same old story. The more interesting regional political and military developments are happening in Turkey where it looks like the delicate peace process between the state and the PKK is coming to an end.

In the coming months and years, the increasingly erratic government of Turkey led by President Erdogan could get into an open alliance with ISIS terrorists and seek to draw the support of Sunni Muslims across the Middle East to their camp. Turkish leaders want to see ISIS take over Damascus and establish a Sunni fundamentalist regime. Israel's leaders also wouldn't mind this depressing development as it would play into their narrative of a clash of civilizations.

So far the collaboration between Turkey and ISIS on Syria's northern border has been covert, but it is hard to maintain that kind of policy in the age of YouTube, Twitter, and smart phones.

If both Turkey and ISIS have their wish, with the world looking the other way, they will pursue the path of genocide to eliminate their enemies without blinking an eye. ISIS has already attacked minorities like the Yezidis and Christians with the stated purpose to terrorize them into leaving, cleanse these lands, and make them all Sunni of the 7th century variety.

But this isn't 700 AD or 1915. The Armenian genocide won't be repeated. And the days of the Caliph ruling over vast territories are, thankfully, long gone. The sooner Erdogan and company accept this reality the better off his country and the entire region will be. 

1. An excerpt from, "Why Russia is in Syria" by Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post, September 11, 2015:
In recent days, there's been a steady stream of reports detailing an escalation of Russian military activity in Syria.

An investigation by Reuters, citing Lebanese sources, suggested that Russian troops had begun participating in operations in support of forces of the Syrian regime, a longtime Moscow ally. U.S. officials indicated that two Russian tank landing ships, aircraft and naval infantry forces had reached Syria this week.

This expanded military presence may signal Moscow's intent to play a more direct role in the Syrian endgame -- or at the very least help the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad preserve what limited control it has over the war-ravaged country.
2. An excerpt from, "Big Stalingrad for Syrian Terrorist Rebels? Russian Troops Reportedly in Combat vs. anti-Assad Terrorists" by Webster Tarpley,, September 10, 2015.
According to unconfirmed reports carried by Reuters, Russian military forces in Syria are now engaged in combat, presumably against one of the terrorist rebel factions arrayed against the government of President Assad. This development, if true, would provide the most dramatic confirmation of the bankruptcy of the current US strategy, which has been engineered by the duplicitous and conniving ISIS Czar John Allen in cahoots with his ally, Turkish President Erdogan, a Moslem brotherhood bigwig with great influence over ISIS and an unconcealed ambition to take over as Caliph in his own right. The US government has repeatedly declared ISIS to be the enemy of human civilization under any definition. But instead of destroying ISIS by cutting its supply lines over the Turkish-Syrian border, the US effort has been locked into impotence because of Allen’s secret deals with his pro-terrorist Turkish buddies. Russian President Putin was therefore 100% correct a few days ago when he branded the entire US-led effort against ISIS as ineffective. Indeed, because of the Turkish policy of bombing the YPG and PKK Kurdish forces, who are the most formidable opponents of the ISIS butchers and have inflicted humiliating defeats on them, in recent months, it is clear that Allen’s policy of phony war and a terrorist safe haven or sanctuary enclave in northern Syria has in the aggregate been helping these extremist butchers. Russia is evidently not prepared to wait until the black flag of ISIS genocide is unfurled over the Caucasus. Putin is also perfectly aware of the treacherous role of the NATO states in building up the deadly Caliphate in the first place.