September 25, 2015

Pope Francis Addresses UNGA

An excerpt from, "Pope Francis Addresses U.N., Calling for Peace and Environmental Justice" by Somini Sengupta and Jim Yardley, New York Times, September 25, 2015:
A day after making history as the first pontiff to address Congress, Pope Francis on Friday morning issued a sweeping call to the United Nations for peace and environmental justice, as he placed blame for the exploitation of natural resources on “a selfish and boundless thirst for power and material prosperity.”

Standing before the General Assembly in his first speech here, Francis endorsed United Nations efforts to reach a global compact to fight poverty and climate change. He also chided world powers for putting political interests ahead of human suffering in the Middle East.

He repeated his concern over persecuted Christians and, foremost, demanded that action be taken on behalf of the global poor.
Video Title: Pope Francis Addresses UNGA. Source: Associated Press. Date Published: September 25, 2015. Description: 
Speaking at the United Nations Gemneral Assembly, Pope Francis spoke on protecting the environment, the importance of the Iranian nuclear treaty and the effects of the violence across the Middle East. (Sept. 25).

Video Title: Pope Francis Visits the United Nations | The New York Times. Source: The New York Times. Date Published: September 25, 2015. Description: 
Pope Francis addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, ahead of the official opening of its 70th session.