July 15, 2015

Ron Paul: Iran Deal an Important Step Towards Peace

Both President Obama and President Rouhani took a page out of Jon Snow's book of wisdom and changed history by looking to the future with friendship in mind. It's not an easy thing for long-time ideological enemies to make peace, but it's the smart and constructive thing to do, especially when both sides have lots to gain. A U.S.-Iran war would be a disaster for all involved and achieve nothing but destruction and chaos. Bigger challenges confront both countries, the region, and the world: water crises, droughts, and other environmental problems, refugee crises, massive youth unemployment, ISIL extremism, questions of political legitimacy, etc. It is a long list. Preventing an unnecessary war by making compromises and striking a deal is the logical and rational step. Hopefully it's the first and not the last. 

An excerpt from, "Address by President John F. Kennedy to the UN General Assembly" September 25, 1961: 
But to halt the spread of these terrible weapons, to halt the contamination of the air, to halt the spiraling nuclear arms race, we remain ready to seek new avenues of agreement, our new Disarmament Program thus includes the following proposals:
  • First, signing the test-ban treaty by all nations. This can be done now. Test ban negotiations need not and should not await general disarmament.
  • Second, stopping the production of fissionable materials for use in weapons, and preventing their transfer to any nation now lacking in nuclear weapons.
  • Third, prohibiting the transfer of control over nuclear weapons to states that do not own them.
  • Fourth, keeping nuclear weapons from seeding new battlegrounds in outer space.
  • Fifth, gradually destroying existing nuclear weapons and converting their materials to peaceful uses; and
  • Finally, halting the unlimited testing and production of strategic nuclear delivery vehicles, and gradually destroying them as well.
To destroy arms, however, is not enough. We must create even as we destroy--creating worldwide law and law enforcement as we outlaw worldwide war and weapons. In the world we seek, the United Nations Emergency Forces which have been hastily assembled, uncertainly supplied, and inadequately financed, will never be enough.

Therefore, the United States recommends the Presidents that all member nations earmark special peace-keeping units in their armed forces-to be on call of the United Nations, to be specially trained and quickly available, and with advance provision for financial and logistic support.

In addition, the American delegation will suggest a series of steps to improve the United Nations' machinery for the peaceful settlement of disputes--for on-the-spot fact-finding, mediation and adjudication--for extending the rule of international law. For peace is not solely a matter of military or technical problems--it is primarily a problem of politics and people. And unless man can match his strides in weaponry and technology with equal strides in social and political development, our great strength, like that of the dinosaur, will become incapable of proper control--and like the dinosaur vanish from the earth.
Video Title: Ron Paul: Iran Deal an Important Step Towards Peace. Source: RonPaul2008dotcom. Date Published: July 14, 2015.