June 25, 2015

Syria Updates [6.25.15]: Druze Rebel Against Israel Due To Its Support For ISIS; Kurds Gains Sabotaged By West/Turkey/FSA In New Attack On Kobani; Rocket From Syria Kills One In Jordan

The terrorist leaders who are aiding ISIS.

1. An excerpt from, "Implications of Druze mob attack on Israeli Golan may reach Syria" by Amos Harel, Haaretz, June 24, 2015:
It is hard to overestimate the significance of Monday night’s incident on the Golan Heights, when a raging mob of Druze attacked Israeli soldiers at the entrance to Moshav Neve Ativ, beat them up and dragged two wounded and helpless Syrians out of a military ambulance. One of the Syrians was beaten to death with clubs, chains and rocks by the mob; the other was left alone in a critical condition – only because the mob thought he was already dead. The IDF soldiers who were supposed to be treating the wounded Syrians could not defend them. 
The Druze in Syria and Israel are not stupid people. Their sect has survived for this long in a very intolerant part of the world. They know that the Israeli military is transporting and treating ISIS terrorists, who have made it their divine mission to wipe out their community, so they had good reason to act. The spirit of vengeance was on their side. It is unfortunate that they couldn't pick their targets better, and attacked a couple of innocent Syrians rather than ISIS scum, but that's what happens when you leave a rightful act of revenge to a mob.

Maybe the Druze should form their own militia and prevent Israel from transporting and treating ISIS terrorists who threaten their existence in a more organized, intelligent, and thoughtful manner. But, again, this is a good sign. It means that the minorities in Syria are not fooled by Israel's and NATO's devious, back-stabbing, bitch-made plans. Good on them.

2. An excerpt from, "ISIS storms northeast Syrian city of Hassakeh, attacks Kobani" AP, June 25, 2015: 
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants launched major attacks in northern Syria on Thursday in a swift counter-offensive after recent battlefield setbacks, storming government-held areas in one mostly Kurdish city and setting off deadly car bombs as they pushed back into a border town they were expelled from earlier this year.

In the Kobani attack, which was launched from the town's southern and western parts, the ISIS extremists donned Syrian rebel uniforms and carried flags of the mainstream Free Syrian Army to deceive the town's Kurdish defenders, said Redur Khalil, a spokesman for the Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG.
Apparently, the ISIS terrorists attacked from NATO bases in Turkey, with coordination with the Turkish military, which is nothing new. Turkey and NATO have been behind ISIS attacks since the beginning of the war in Syria. Last November, ISIS attacked the very same city of Kobani from Turkey before they were expelled by the YPG.

What makes this particular offensive more strange is that the ISIS cross-dressers dressed up as FSA soldiers to fool the defense forces of the city. The war of deception in Syria is coming full circle. We've known from the very beginning that the FSA didn't really exist, that it was a fiction used by the US and NATO to justify their arms shipments to Jihadist terrorists to bring down Syria.

It was foolish strategic thinking on the part of the Kurdish YPG to ally with the FSA in their fight against ISIS. It's like allying with a mirage, or a ghost. You don't know what you're getting. At least with ISIS you know what you're getting: a violent storm of rapists, suicide bombers, mass murderers, drugged up psychotic killers who all deserve to be executed upon capture.

But with the FSA you get the illusion of a noble, respectable, freedom-loving, and dignified army. And what's worse is that you have to hear NATO, the West, America, Turkey, Israel, and ISIS all sing from the same sheet about how the FSA is a real army. They can spread their propaganda all day, but that doesn't make it true. It wasn't an army in 2011, and it isn't one now. 

3. An excerpt from, "Rocket fired from Syria kills one in Jordan: govt source" AFP, June 25, 2015:
A rocket fired from Syria hit a city in northern Jordan Thursday, killing one person and wounding four, a government source said, without indicating who may have been responsible.

"A rocket fired from Syrian territory struck the city of Al-Ramtha, near the Syrian border, killing a young man of 20 and wounding four others," the source said.
There is no doubt that the same ISIS terrorists that Jordan has been supporting for over four years in Syria fired this rocket. It is a tragic incident, but this spillover was long overdue. The people of Jordan are victims of their government's terrorism-supporting policy. But a few victims here and there on its side of the border won't make the Jordanian government rethink its aid to ISIS anytime soon.