May 25, 2015

The Mask Is Coming Off. . . US Imperialists/Arab Monarchs Embrace Jihadist Terrorism Openly In Syria

Photo: The criminal leaders of the U.S. and Israel laughing at the stupid Arab and Muslim leaders.

Arab monarchs will be the biggest victims of the U.S.-Israeli policy of backing Jihadist terrorist groups in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and throughout the region. And the criminal genocidal leaders of the U.S. and Israel will laugh at them when their plan is complete and all of the Middle East except for Israel is in ruins.

Angry Arab - The new PR antics of Gulf regimes/US and Al-Qa`idah branches in Syria:
The US government and Gulf regimes are about to officially sponsor and endorse the Al-Qa`idah branches in Syria. The fanatical Bin Ladenite Zahran Alloush had only to change his discourse in an interview with US journalists to become acceptable to the US and Gulf regimes (Saudi regime has been supporting him all along of course). And the Qatari regime the official sponsor of Nusrah Front in Syria has been working with the Nusrah leadership so that Julani can come on Aljazeera (it will happen tomorrow or this week) and distance himself from Al-Qa`idah of Zawahiri. But the ideology remains the same, of course. Mark your calender yet again: the US government yet again is arming and funding Ben Ladenite rebels in Syria. And when the monsters come and attack US targets, the idiotic chorus will express puzzlement.