May 26, 2015

Support For ISIS On Twitter As Listed By Countries; AP Runs PR Story For ISIS Genocidal Terrorists; U.S. Raid In Syria Is Another Big Fat Lie

I. Support For ISIS On Twitter As Listed By Countries.

Source: Angry Arab - Where do the supporters of ISIS on Twitter come from?
Embedded image permalink From top to bottom: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, USA, Egypt, Kuwait, Turkey, Palestinian territories, Lebanon, UK, and Tunisia.  
How the hell is there more support for ISIS in America than in Sunni countries like Turkey, Egypt, and Tunisia? Maybe building all those Salafist and Wahhabi mosques wasn't such a bright idea. Or maybe the CIA, FBI, and U.S. army have too much time on their hands, create pro-ISIS accounts on Twitter, and spread pro-ISIS propaganda. Regular Americans hate ISIS, it is the nutjobs in the CIA, secret security services, Pentagon, and totalitarian state apparatus who are pro-ISIS terrorism.

II. AP Runs PR Story For ISIS Genocidal Terrorists.

An excerpt from, "Lack Of U.S. Air Support In Ramadi Points To Disguised Darker Aim" by Moon of Alabama, May 26, 2015:
Not unrelated the Associated Press is running a home story about a nice, Islamic State financed, honeymoon in Raqqa:
The honeymoon was a brief moment for love, away from the front lines of Syria's war. In the capital of the Islamic State group's self-proclaimed "caliphate," Syrian fighter Abu Bilal al-Homsi was united with his Tunisian bride for the first time after months chatting online. They married, then passed the days dining on grilled meats in Raqqa's restaurants, strolling along the Euphrates River and eating ice cream.
It was all made possible by the marriage bonus he received from the Islamic State group: $1,500 for him and his wife to get started on a new home, a family — and a honeymoon.
"It has everything one would want for a wedding," al-Homsi said of Raqqa ...
Who paid how much to AP for that Islamic State recruiting advertisement?
AP propagandists want us to forget ISIS's atrocities, beheadings of Christians, brainwashing of child soldiers, mass murder of minorities, thousands of acts of terrorism, and fall for a love story. How cute. It is important to remember that 99 percent of AP stories are CIA, MI6, and Mossad propaganda. They have a lot to gain from the spread of pro-ISIS stories because it means more Muslim recruits from the West. They're seeking to legitimize ISIS thugs and terrorists who have murdered and enslaved women and children by the tens of thousands by painting them as just ordinary humans who are looking for love in the Caliphate.

III. U.S. Raid In Syria Is Another Big Fat Lie. 

An excerpt from, "Breaking: The Delta “Deception” Raid On Syria" by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today,  May 24, 2015:
The recent US raid in Syria said to have been staged to grab ISIS “moneyman” Tunisian Abu Sayyaf happened, just not where said and for reasons given.  Everything the American people were told is a lie.  Around the world, even in Syria and Moscow, there was rejoicing among those who though America had finally, almost three years late, entered the war against ISIS.  As we will see, this is hardly the case, far from it.

In the “Zero Dark Thirty” hours of Saturday, May 16, 2015, two Special Forces units headed across Syria, one from the East, the other from the West.  One was American, Delta Force and the other Syrian Spetznaz.  They were heading the same place, an ISIS command compound between Deir en Zor and Al Mayadin, looking for the same target.

Syrian commandos, coming off a series of successful raids against Al Nusra commands, killing and capturing Saudi, Turkish and Qatari officers in the process, had received unimaginably valuable intelligence from a prisoner taken in a raid near Idlib, between Aleppo and the Turkish border.  They were told that an American retired general, US Army, had been employed by a UK based CIA contractor as operational commander for the Islamic State military.

Recent Syrian Army advances in Hasaka, to the north, threatened to cut off ISIS supplies from Turkey and Mosul and leave the force now slaughtering civilians in Palmyra dependent on sporadic drops of ammunition and supplies from Israel and Jordan by C130 cargo aircraft. It was this threat that brought the ISIS’ American operational commander back to Syria from Ramadi.  It was then that he became vulnerable to Syria’s elite commandos.

American ISIS commander had relocated to a highly exposed compound along the Euphrates River, simultaneously commanding the two front war, Palmyra on the West and Ramadi on the East, both big wins for ISIS, rumored to no longer be able to stage this kind of comeback after months of what was supposed to have been an intensive bombing campaign by the American led “coalition.”  Though these successes have electrified the world, the capture by Syria of key transit routes outside Hasaka was troubling.