May 23, 2015

Ramadi Sunni IDPs: We Were Sold.

Damascus and Baghdad are feeling the heat from ISIS.

Ramadi didn't fall because of the terrorism and psychological warfare of ISIS. As the individuals describe in the videos below, it fell because of the betrayal and corruption of certain Iraqi commanders, tribal bigwigs, political leaders, and Sunni Sheikhs. They did everything in their power to sabotage the city's defenses and hand the keys to ISIS.

The Gulf-funded media in Iraq also did a masterful job of laying the groundwork for ISIS's takeover of the city by pumping misinformation, lies, and fear into the heads of the city's residents. 95 percent of the fight was over before the shooting even began. It was a preventable tragedy.

The reality is that there is a larger conspiracy afoot. Powers bigger than the terrorists of ISIS have brought cities like Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria to ruin. 

Quotes from the two videos below:

"Don't believe anyone who says the central government hasn't provided us with weapons! I swear to God that is a lie. All our local commanders fled the scene. It was only us police who were left. . . The service officers are turncoats."

"Let me ask you as a citizen, have you ever seen a security force fight using an automatic weapon with only 3 magazines, a total of 90 rounds? While the enemy [ISIS] attacks you with 50 calibers, and other types of weapons."

"I swear it is all true. Our commanders have weapons and they literally sell them off. Every provincial HQ has a stockpile hidden away."

"We as policemen were right on the frontlines. Sabah Karhoot [Chairman of Anbar province] told us 10,000 ISIS have entered Anbar. How can a policeman fight after hearing that? The statements of Sabah Karhoot and others destroyed our morale. If there was a 1,000 ISIS coming and no one had told me I would have kept fighting. But when someone issues a frantic statement that 10,000 ISIS are entering from Syria to Anbar, a policeman's will to fight is demolished."

"When we get back home to Ramadi, whichever Sheikh is around with a headdress, I am going to strangle him with it and drag him across Ramadi. I swear to God! All our local leaders fled to Amman, Dubai, and elsewhere (Erbil)!"

"Women and children sent fleeing. This is the end result. While our Anbar tribal Sheikhs sit in Erbil! Those sheikhs sold us for a bottle of liquor, for a bottle of whiskey. Allah curse them and their fathers. They (Sunni Sheikhs) spread sectarianism while all these Southerners (Shia) are here defending us! We are fleeing now to save our women. ISIS were kidnapping women and now they're going to do to Anbar what they did to Mosul!"

Title: Ramadi Sunni IDPs: We Were Sold. Source: IraqEnglish. Date Published: May 22, 2015.

Ramadi Sunni IDPs: 'We Were Sold' Part 2