May 28, 2015

Ramadi Refugee: "Our Own Tribal Sheikhs And Religious Clerics Backstabbed Us. May God Never Bless Them."

If left unchecked, forget Baghdad, ISIS will take Riyadh, and the Saudis will embrace them as liberators.

The people of Ramadi know who they got screwed by. It wasn't the wolves of the central government in Baghdad, but the wolves closer to home who opened the doors to the ISIS/Daesh scum. Now they're homeless in their own country and the corrupt authorities are giving them no time of day.

Washington can claim all it wants that what it did in Iraq was a "nation-building" exercise, but the reality is that it has pursued a nation-destroying mission from day one, and it has been very successful. The rotten fruits are coming to bear with every passing day.

Excerpt from the video below:
"Those who sold us were the ones with those white turbans (clerics) who shouted Takbir (call for sectarian jihad) while lounging in Erbil. . . Our own tribal sheikhs and religious clerics backstabbed us. May God never bless them. They were the ones who sold Ramadi for a few dinars. Now we are sleeping with the snakes and scorpions. By God, my brother, they really are snakes and scorpions. I am watching over orphans whose fathers were killed by ISIS. How do I feed these orphans?"
Title: Ramadi Sunni IDPs: 'We Were Sold' Part 3. Source: IraqEnglish. Date Published: May 27, 2015.