April 29, 2015

Two Speeches About The Armenian Genocide

Video Title: English Speech of Aram I. about the Armenian Genocide || Vatican. Source: Soghomon Tehlirian. Date Published: April 12, 2015. Description:
Any attempt to erase the Armenian Genocide from history and from our common memory is doomed to failure.“, Aram I.

This is the English part of the speech of Aram I, Vatican April 12, 2015.

Video Title: Paula Yacoubian on Centennial of Armenian Genocide: The Ottomans Were the Forefathers of ISIS. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: April 28, 2015. Description: 
On the centennial of the Armenian genocide, Paula Yacoubian, a Lebanese talk show host of Armenian descent, described the Ottomans as "the forefathers of ISIS." Yacoubian warned against falling into the trap of "political propaganda," which characterizes the genocide as "Muslim killing Christians," and explained that it was Muslim Arabs who had protected the Armenian refugees.