April 12, 2015

Arab Gas Stations Threaten Pakistan For Taking Neutral Stance On Yemen; US-Turkey-Israel-Arab Gas Stations Create ISIS Terrorist State In Syria

Photo: The murderers of the Yemeni people and the destroyers of mankind in the White House.

An excerpt from, "UAE minister warns Pakistan of ‘heavy price for ambiguous stand’ on Yemen" Dawn.com, April 11, 2015:
Pakistani lawmakers’ call for the government to remain neutral on the escalating crisis in Yemen has evoked a strong response from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“The vague and contradictory stands of Pakistan and Turkey are an absolute proof that Arab security — from Libya to Yemen — is the responsibility of none but Arab countries,” UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash said.

As quoted by renowned Emirati newspaper Khaleej Times, Garhash warned Pakistan of having to pay a “heavy price” for taking on what he called an “ambiguous stand”. He added that Pakistan should take a clear position “in favour of its strategic relations with the six-nation Arab Gulf cooperation Council”.
An excerpt from, "Syria: America's Democratic Terrorists?" by Tony Cartalucci, April 10, 2015:
What is forming before the world's collective eyes is an attempt to sell the concept of an Al Qaeda-led opposition government, based in Idlib, behind which NATO and its Persian Gulf allies will place their support.

While this scenario seems "implausible," it should be mentioned that from the beginning of the fighting in Libya in 2011, it was pointed out by many geopolitical analysts that the so-called "freedom fighters" were in fact literally Al Qaeda, with NATO providing it  with air cover, weapons, cash, and diplomatic support. In Libya, operational momentum outpaced the public's awareness regarding the true nature of the opposition. In Syria, the West is desperately trying to reshape the public's awareness that the opposition is in fact Al Qaeda - before a NATO buffer zone can be created around Idlib.