March 28, 2015

Triumph Of West-Backed Cannibal Forces In Syria

The icon of the West-backed "Syrian revolution": An ISIS cannibal eating an organ of a human being.

America, the West, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey have backed ISIS in Syria from the beginning of the war. These cheaters and liars have also backed similar Al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Their gifts to Syria, Libya, Yemen, and the rest of the Muslim world: Al-Qaeda, ISIS, cannibalism, terrorism, instability, child soldiers, sectarianism, car bombs in markets, air strikes in the middle of the night, drones bombing wedding parties.

To hell with America and the rest of them. 

These bastards will fail in Syria, they will fail in Libya, they will fail in Iraq, and they will fail in Yemen. The only question is how many people are killed and nations are destroyed before they recognize the errors of their ways.

Americans, Brits, Zionists, Turks and Saudis are too thick-headed to offer apologies for their crimes, so don't expect that. Expect them to gang up on Yemen, continue backing cannibal forces in Syria, further destroy Libya, and then walk away from the destruction they've caused with their chins up as if they've liberated these countries.

An excerpt from, "The War Nerd: A Brief History Of The Yemen Clusterf*ck" March 28, 2015:
Arabs were getting very “modern” at that time. It’s important to remember that. You know why they stopped getting modern, and started getting interested in reactionary, Islamist repression?

Because the modernizing Arabs were all killed by the US, Britain, Israel, and the Saudis.

That was what happened in the North Yemen Civil War, from 1962-1967. After a coup, Nasser backed modernist Yemeni officers against the new Shia ruler. The Saudis might not have liked Shia, but they hated secularist, modernizing nationalists much more. At least the Northern Shia kings ruled by divine right and invoked Allah after their heretical fashion. That was much better, to the Saudi view, than a secular Yemen.

And the west agreed. To the Americans of that time, “secular” sounded a little bit commie. To the British, it sounded anti-colonial and unprofitable. To the Israelis, it raised the horrible specter of an Arab world ruled by effective 20th-century executives. States like that might become dangerous enemies, while an Arab world stuck in religious wars, dynastic feuds, and poverty sounded wonderful.

Why do you think the IDF has not attacked Islamic State or Jabhat Al Nusra even once?