March 26, 2015

Coalition of Failed States Vs. The Ultimate Failed State

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, and others, have attacked Yemen. In other words, failed states and US-armed billion dollar armies are afraid of a small band of victorious fighters in slippers.
"The US confirmed its support for an extraordinary international military alliance that is emerging to counter Houthi rebel advances in Yemen as Saudi Arabia began pounding them with air strikes and countries from the Middle East to Pakistan were said to be prepared to commit troops for a ground assault.

The US was providing “logistical and intelligence support” to the Saudi-led forces attacking the rebels, the White House announced. Meanwhile the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news channel said the kingdom had lined up 150,000 soldiers in preparation for a ground offensive, with Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Sudan also ready to commit troops.

In a sign of the broadening scope of Barack Obama’s intervention across the region, officials in Washington said the US was establishing a “joint planning cell” with Saudi Arabia to co-ordinate the air strikes on the Houthi forces seeking to overthrow the Yemeni government." - The Guardian, March 26, 2015.
Last week Pakistan wisely rejected Saudi Arabia's request to send troops to its border with Yemen. A week later, and it seems it has changed its position. Is its role in the aggression against Yemen merely stated for political and propaganda purposes? Is the Gulf media exaggerating its enthusiasm to bolster the image of a so-called Sunni alliance? If not, then this is another stupid mistake by the Pakistani political and military elite. What can you say. Some people never learn.

Egypt is also shooting itself in the foot here. Yemen is not some poor little kid that the Gulf bullies can beat around and piss on and expect no push back, like Israel does with the Palestinians. Of all countries, Egypt should know this. 

We always knew the leaderships of Egypt and Pakistan are clueless and corrupt. They are dependent on Saudis and the U.S. for money so much that they're willing to engage in a stupid act of aggression against a small band of victorious fighters in Yemen. Do they accept their miserable fate as mercenaries? They should save their dignity now while they still have the chance and decline the Saudis' invitation to take part in a military, political, and humanitarian disaster in Yemen.

The media is reporting this thing like it's a big showdown between Sunnis and Shiites in a key battleground. It's not. It's a bout between a coalition of failed states against the ultimate failed state and most poverty-ridden country in the Middle East. If it weren't for all the civilian casualties this war would be hilarious just because on one side you have billion-dollar armies and US fighter jets, and on the other side you have guys in slippers.

And for the U.S. to be on the side against the guys in slippers, and actually being proud about it, man, that's not a good look. I respect the U.S. military and American people, but when you're an empire going up against guys in slippers at the ends of the earth, just stop right there and rethink your priorities. Take a step back from the situation. Take the Iran-hatred out of your body politic. The Houthis may not be white knights, but they're also not ISIS monsters who are easy to hate because they eat lungs for lunch and brainwash captured children to be child soldiers. They are just a bunch of fed-up hillbillies and underdogs who are tired of the way the arrogant Saudis are treating their country.

And again, for Pakistan and Egypt to be getting into this mess? It just doesn't make sense. Pakistan can't even keep its lights on. Egypt is having trouble with the Sinai and IS is growing stronger in Libya every day. These emerging failed states have their own battles to fight but the Saudis are dragging them by the nose to their playground.

The Houthis and the rest of the people of Yemen have no reason to be afraid of a bunch of corrupt military dictators and senile princes. It's their country, it's their land, and they will beat back all the Saudis, Egyptians, Pakistanis, and other mercenaries that are thrown at them, with or without anyone's help. They don't need Iran to teach these Al-Qaeda supporting bastards a lesson. They're being pushed against the wall, on their own turf, by stupid foreign rulers who have no local, regional, or international political support. They'll win because they have no other choice. It's either die fighting or be ruled over by Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Houthis have already made their decision. And they've already won.