February 28, 2015

U.S. And Turkey Will Begin Training A New Batch of Jihadist Terrorists On March 1st

Obama and Erdogan vs. Putin and Assad. Muslim Brotherhood (US-Turkey) vs. Secular nationalism (Russia-Syria).

It is Russia and Syria vs. the U.S and Turkey. Obama and Erdogan vs. Putin and Assad. In the global media Putin and Assad have been demonized non-stop. They've been called evil, monsters, dictators, etc. But it is Obama and Erdogan who are training and arming ISIS terrorists, and it is Putin and Assad who are fighting them. The U.S. and Turkey have supported terrorism not just in Syria but also in Libya. 

An excerpt from, "Turkey, US to begin training Syria rebels Sunday" AFP, February 27, 2015:
"I can say that the train-and-equip [program] will begin as of March 1," Tanju Bilgic, spokesman for the Turkish foreign ministry, was quoted as saying by the state-run Anatolia news agency.

After several months of negotiations, Ankara and Washington signed an agreement on February 19 to train and arm Syria's anti-regime fighters.
An excerpt from, "Libya PM: Turkey Keeps Supplying Anti-government Militias with Weapons" The Tripoli Post, February 28, 2015:
Libya Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni has strongly criticized Turkey for supplying anti-government militias with weapons in violation of international law and Security Council resolutions. 
These militias are in alliance with extremist Islamists and the Islamic State and Al Qaeda affiliate groups in Libya. 
"Turkey is a state that is not dealing honestly with us. It's exporting weapons to us so the Libyan people kill each other," he told Egyptian TV channel CBC late on Thursday.