February 13, 2015

Islam - Whose Story?

Title: Islam - Whose Story? Source: The Coexistence Trust. Date Published: December 13, 2012. Description: 
Many stories now get told about Islam's origins today by believers and sceptics alike. How might Muslims best respond to a revisionist account of their faith's origins? And how do we all debate such issues in a measured fashioned when the global response can often be beyond anyone's control? 
The panelists looked at these big issues by discussing Tom Holland's book on early Islam, and the response to his Channel 4 film, 'Islam: The Untold Story'.

About the panel:

Tom Holland is a novelist and historian, whose latest book is 'In the Shadow of the Sword'

Sajjad Rizvi is Associate Professor of Islamic Intellectual History at the University of Exeter.

Kevin Sim (tbc) is the director and producer of 'Islam: The Untold Story'

Rokhsana Fiaz OBE is the Executive Director of the Coexistence Trust

This event was organised by The City Circle in collaboration with The Association for British Muslims, British Muslims for Secular Democracy (in association with The European Foundation for Democracy), The Coexistence Trust, The Ihsan Centre and Islamic Circles.