February 17, 2015

Egypt gets UN Sec. Council to discuss intervention against ISIL in Libya

They came. They saw. They beheaded. [Insert maniacal Hillary Clinton laugh here].

The White House has the gall to criticize Egyptian air strikes against ISIS in Libya. They helped create the chaos there so they should shut up about what Egypt is doing in Libya. They should be saying thank you instead. Egypt is doing the world a favour. It is fixing what was broken in 2011.

This is retaliation, not aggression. The longer the chaos festers in Libya the stronger ISIS gets, which is what Washington wants. Egypt should stomp out ISIS, if they can, before this genocidal group establishes itself further and fully takes over all of Libya.

The Libyans obviously need help to fight these merciless killers and restore calm to their country. The UN, US, and EU have abandoned the country to bloodthirsty terrorists. They want to wash their hands off the mess. They want us to forget very recent history.

ISIS is a hundred times worse than Gaddafi was, and yet all the so-called humanitarian interventionists in the West are nowhere to be found now. They never cared about Libya.

It is a travesty that the United Nations has not sanctioned the private financiers and state backers of ISIS, whether they be in the Gulf or the West.

Egypt does not need to go to the UN to secure legitimacy for its attacks against ISIS in Libya. The UN has lost all its legitimacy. It is a dead and broken institution. The UNSC had long ago ceased to be a responsible global political body.

Egypt needs to look after its security. This is about national survival now. Egypt does not need to make any apologies to the international community for attacking ISIS because it is next if ISIS gets Libya.

Egypt gets UN Sec. Council to discuss intervention against ISIL in Libya. Source: CCTV America. Date Published: February 17, 2015. Description:
On the urging of Egypt, the United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency session on Wednesday on whether to intervene in Libya after the Egyptian air force bombed Islamic State targets there. CCTV's Adel EL Mahrouki reported this story from Cairo.